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4 Reasons to Add Pool Tables to Your Bar

Are you running a bar? Are there a few too many open seats during happy hour? It might be time to think about installing a pool table. Sometimes pool tables in bars get a bad rap. Some bar owners worry that a table would take up too much space or get folks too rowdy. Believe us, when you make the call and install one, you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. Your pool table will immediately bring an exciting game to your bar, encouraging them to spend more time (and money) in your establishment.

Here are four reasons how adding a pool table to your space will have an immediate impact on your business:

1. It's an Easy Upgrade

If you plan it out right, a pool table can turn a dead space on your floor into a centerpiece. Once you’ve identified a space for the table with enough room surrounding it to enjoy the game, you can fill in the rest of the floor around it so that it all works together in harmony. Your table will attract patrons to it. By playing game after game, they’ll be enticed to keep coming back time and time again.

Once you have this attraction set properly in your space, you will quickly realize that not only does your space feel warmer and more inviting, you have more people ordering more food and drinks, all while putting more and more quarters into the table. A true win/win for your business.

2. Attracts More Customers

People go to bars to spend time with friends and unwind. Giving them a source of entertainment not only keeps them hanging out in your bar, but gives them a reason to come back. Creating a space where guests feel at home is difficult but critical to being successful in hospitality.

Once you have regulars who feel this way about your bar, they’ll be encouraged to invite more of their friends. This sets you up to build up even more regular business, growing your revenue.

Pool Tables for Sale at Game Exchange of Colorado

3. It Is a Great Source of Fun

Pool is unique in that, while it requires skill to be good, amateurs are familiar with it and more inclined to pick it up than some other bar games out there. Some may be on a date or in need of a way to break the ice. Pool offers the perfect game to better get to know others while enjoying themselves.

The fact that a game can be played casually and at a pace that is entirely up to the participants helps to put folks at ease and will keep them playing.

4. It's a Great Competition

People tend to be competitive. This is to your advantage. People will challenge each other and inevitably there will be a loser. Even more predictable will be the demand for a rematch. That rematch will bring another round, maybe some food, and of course, some more quarters pumped into the table. All of this means returning customers and more revenue for your establishment.

In addition to this, you can even host competitions that attract even more people to come, which is a great way to spread your name around and make your bar all the more popular!


If you really want to succeed in the world of hospitality, making your guests happy will be the key. Pool tables are an easy way to do this! They are great for keeping people entertained, and they will make your customers feel welcome and excited to come again!

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