1. 6 Tips for Teaching Your Kids how to Play Pool

    6 Tips for Teaching Your Kids how to Play Pool

    6 Tips for Teaching Your Kids how to Play Pool

    Part of the allure of having a pool table in your home is sharing your love of the game with your family. As soon as your kids can hold a pool cue and see over the table you can start showing them the basics. Starting young is a great way to increase hand eye coordination and motor skills.

    We’re not joking! Pool is an easy game to teach children that is safe for them to play on their own. Plus, showing them the ropes early helps them develop their game quicker.  

    Now they may not ever come close to the pro circuit, but even if they did, it wouldn’t compare to the hours spent bonding and sharing a love for pool. If nothing else, you’ll always have someone around to shoot a round with! Passing on the traditions of billiards has always relied on the older generations guiding the younger. Now it’s your turn. 

    Sure, they might not understand all the rules at first, but you can start slowly and introduce the nuances as they come along with the basics. 

    If you’re still apprehensive, here are some pointers on introducing pool to your kids so you can get started.

    pool tablepool table

    What Age Should Children Learn Billiards?

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  2. 6 Things That Can Ruin the Felt of Pool Tables

    6 Things That Can Ruin the Felt of Pool Tables

    6 Things to Avoid to Protect Your Pool Table Felt

    6 things that can ruin felt of pool tables and billiards

    There are few things more enjoyable than having a pool table in your home. The hours spent entertaining and relaxing, enjoying the company of those closest to you. While the game may not put a lot of wear and tear on your body, all those hours add up on even the highest quality table felts.

    All those breaks, angles,  and leans wear down the worsted cloth - commonly referred to as pool table felt- on your table. The good news is that the pool table felt can be changed and replaced. Now depending on how much you play, replacing it becomes inevitable. Here are six things to look for in keeping your table in great condition. 


    Causes of Wear & Tear


    #1 - Friction

    The primary function of the pool table felt is to protect the balls and table from friction. It acts as a barrier between the balls and the table. Over time, friction will wear the felt. This is the most common reason the felt will wear out and the most inevitable. Thankfully, if you’ve taken care of the rest, you’ll get years of routine play before you need to consider replacing it.


    #2 - Chalk

    Chalk is critical in pool, improving both the player’s grip on their cue and conta

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