1. Important Things to Look Out for When Buying a Pool Table

    Important Things to Look Out for When Buying a Pool Table

    Essential Tips for Buying a Pool Table

    A pool table is a must-have for any game room, and with so many different options available, it can be hard to know where to start when shopping for one.

    That said, below are a few essential things to keep in mind before or during your purchase to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect one for your space.

    1. The Slate

    Slate is an important factor in how good a pool table is. A pool table without a slate surface is only suitable for kids and isn't worth more than $100. A lot of people think that a one-piece slate pool table is better than a three-piece slate pool table because there are no seams. Actually, it's the opposite.

    A one-piece slate pool table has a frame that is one continuous piece with no breaks or joints. This type of pool table is typically four-legged, and the legs are the only adjustable points for leveling the table. The way to level a one-piece slate pool table depends on the leg type - some require shims to be placed under the legs, while others have turn feet that can be adjusted. A 1-piece slate pool table will gradually start to sag in the middle over time due to the weight, which then causes the balls to roll towards the center of the table. This can eventually make the table unplayable and no fun for anyone.

    2. The Size

    The average room size recommendations can help you determine what size pool table is best for your room. The recommendations are based on the size of the playing surface and how much space you need around the table to use a full-length pool cue. These are just recommendations, and you can adjust them based on the length of your cue and how much space you have in your room.

    For example, a home 8' pool table will fit just fine in a room that measures 13'-2" x 16'-10", with a bit of extra room to spare for a 52" cue.

    The thing is, a pro 8' pool table

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  2. Helpful Instructions to Clean the Felt of a Pool Table

    Helpful Instructions to Clean the Felt of a Pool Table

     Helpful Instructions to Clean the Felt of a Pool Table

    You fell in love with the game of pool. The breaks, the angles, the thrill of victory. You’re hooked on it. So much so that you picked up a table for your home. But if you want to keep your pool table looking and playing like the day you bought it, it will need a little TLC. No part will need more consistent care than the felt. From cue chalk to spilled food and beverages the fabric will need to be looked after to avoid stains and unnecessary wear.

    Made from durable wool and nylon blends, billiards table felt can stand up to years of use when maintained regularly. While eventually it will need to be replaced, proper care will help you avoid this costly repair for as long as possible. Here are some simple instructions for cleaning the felt on a pool table.

    Materials You Need:

    • A pool felt brush
    • A microfiber cloth
    • Water
    • A gentle detergent
    • A commercial pool felt cleaner
    pool table brushpool table brush

    Brushing the Table Felt

    First you need a table brush. We recommend a pool felt b

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  3. 4 Signs You Need to Refelt Your Pool Table

    4 Signs You Need to Refelt Your Pool Table

    4 Signs You Need to Refelt A Pool Table

    Your pool table's felt will slowly become damaged over time from the friction of the balls and any nicks and scratches that occur during gameplay. It may seem daunting but it's essential to keep up with maintaining your pool table. Staying on top of the condition of your felt will keep your table playing great and looking new. Over time, even with maintenance, a refelting may be required. Here are four signs that it's time to give your pool table some love.

    1. It's Visibly Damaged

    If there are any major marks or deep scratches, it's time to give your table a facelift. While encouraging mindful gameplay with those using your table will help it last for a long time, sometimes accidents happen. If the felt has been deeply scraped or scratched, it will likely need to be replaced.

    2. It's Affecting Your Play

    As time goes on, your felt will start to fade and become exposed to moisture (either atmospheric or from spills) as well as build up dirt and dust. This will begin to affect gameplay by impacting the way balls roll across the surface. If, after a thorough cleaning (see below), the felt is still interfering with your game, it might be time to resurface with some fresh felt.

    3. Balls are Pocket Catching

    The felt of your pool table is attached to the rails, cushions, and slate to make it

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  4. Our Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Pool Table

    Our Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Pool Table

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  5. 6 Things That Can Ruin the Felt of Pool Tables

    6 Things That Can Ruin the Felt of Pool Tables

    6 Things to Avoid to Protect Your Pool Table Felt

    6 things that can ruin felt of pool tables and billiards

    There are few things more enjoyable than having a pool table in your home. The hours spent entertaining and relaxing, enjoying the company of those closest to you. While the game may not put a lot of wear and tear on your body, all those hours add up on even the highest quality table felts.

    All those breaks, angles,  and leans wear down the worsted cloth - commonly referred to as pool table felt- on your table. The good news is that the pool table felt can be changed and replaced. Now depending on how much you play, replacing it becomes inevitable. Here are six things to look for in keeping your table in great condition. 


    Causes of Wear & Tear


    #1 - Friction

    The primary function of the pool table felt is to protect the balls and table from friction. It acts as a barrier between the balls and the table. Over time, friction will wear the felt. This is the most common reason the felt will wear out and the most inevitable. Thankfully, if you’ve taken care of the rest, you’ll get years of routine play before you need to consider replacing it.


    #2 - Chalk

    Chalk is critical in pool, improving both the player’s grip on their cue and conta

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