Crane Merchant Combo MEDIA2 Combo Vending Machine

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Merchant Combo MEDIA 2 (Call for Pricing)

Attract new consumers with integrated cashless, vibrant touch screen display, shopping cart purchasing, nutritional display and brand promotions. The highly-engineered and reliable BevMAX MEDIA has the best-in-class product selection and capacity.

  • 9” color touchscreen displays digital content with impact
  • Shopping cart promotes multiple vends and higher transaction values
  • Interactive promotions encourage multiple sales
  • Customizable graphics attract customers and drive same-store sales growth
  • Meets ANSI and ADA requirements
  • Exceeds Energy Star Tier 3 and 2013 D.O.E. standards

Engaging Experience

  • Suggestive Selling-Help consumers make selections while exposing them to new products, slow movers, or complimentary products
  • Digital Advertising-Encourage sales while building brand loyalty with display advertising and interactive promotions throughout the purchase experience
  • Shopping Cart- Enable multi-product purchases with one, simple transaction
  • Integrated Cashless Payment-Capture every sale with a built-in and intuitive cashless solution
  • Incredible Variety- Increase sales and consumer satisfaction with the greatest product selection in the industry
  • Nutritional Information- Inform consumers with a large display of easy-to-read facts to support FDA requirements

Powerful Performance

  • Screen Performance- Improve the user experience with a more responsive screen and a boot up time of less than a minute!
  • Color Display- Engage consumers with larger 9-inch touchscreen and full-motion video
  • Remote Management- Manage machines over the air with simplifi CONNECT PLUS for price changes, planograms, and nutritional information
  • Surevend Technology- Enable guaranteed product delivery
  • Product Retailing- Configurations for all food, combo, and chilled snacks
  • Other Options- Multiple temperature settings, refrigeration zone barrier, and heated door


471 4-Wide 472 6-Wide
Height 72" 72"
Width 33" 46"
Depth 33" 33"
Weight 629 lbs 729 lbs.
Electrical 115 VAC 115 VAC
Selection 38-48 58-72
Shelf Options 4 dual-spiral snack/pastry
6 dual-spiral snack/pastry
8 single-spiral candy
12 single-spiral candy
7 single-spiral bottom
10 single-spiral bottom
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