Free Flyers Program - Postage only Links

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Free Flyers Program - Postage only Links


Ok I Think Its time to Open up the Free Flyers Again! I have found some More of Some Stern Flyers in a Box so I have added them to the list! Quite a Few of the More requested ones have been re added See List Below!

Ok Guys here is the deal. Ive got quite a collection of flyers from pinballs from the last few decades of pinball distributions. Didnt know they were so popular. I'm going to give them away to people who will enjoy them.. Aka PINSIDE members. BUT With a few rules.

The Rules....
1. Only One of each flyer Per person.. I'm not going to help you sell these and make money sorry.
2. Max of 3-4 Flyer per person.. That way others can get some
3. You gotta pay for postage.. lets call it $3 per order Fair? $4 To Canada. Sorry only USA and Canada
4. I'm going to stick them in an envelope between 2 pieces of card stock paper, In a minimal envelope and mark them DO NOT FOLD! but sorry if the post office screws em up =(
5. If you are another Distro and you want a few.. I'm ok with that please just don't take em just to sell them, I want the people who get them TO ENJOY THEM.
6. If there if I run out persons who have bought from me get first pick because that's only fair.
7. If its not on the list POST in this thread and I will look and see if I have a few of them left.. If I have more then 3 I can spare one (I have about 10-20 more I didn't list due to low amounts)
8. Some of these are limited quantities. I have quite a few from Stern Pinballs.

9. It wil take us a week to 10 days to get them mailed out.. if you don't see them in 14 days please hit us up to see what happened.. We do these around our other things we gotta do around here.

Please Use the Links Below, One for US Shipping one for Canada! Please under the order notes put which flyers you want.. I made a text box that says what flyers do you want.

Austin Powers
Batman 66

Big Buck Pinball


Black Knight Pro 

Family Guy
Game of Thrones
Ghost Busters
Harley Davidson Sega

Indinana Jones Stern


Iron Maiden Pro

Metalica Road Case
Pirates of Carriabean Stern
Revenge from Mars
Ripley Belive it or not
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Rolling Stones
Simpsons Pinball Party
Star Trek Pro
Star Wars Ep 1
Star Wars Limited Edition
Star Wars Pro

Star Wars Comic Book Pro


Stranger Things Pro 


Turtles Pro 

Viper Night Driving
Walking Dead
Wheel of Fortune
World Poker Tour
WWE Stern
X-Men Pro

US Shipping - Postage Only $3

What Fliers Do you Want?



CANADA SHIPPING - Postage Only $4

What Fliers Do you Want?


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Free Flyers Program - Postage only Links
Free Flyers Program - Postage only Links