Iron Maiden Premium Edition Deposit Only

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Stock Available May 2023

Deposit only!  Currently Expecting Limited Stock Late 2022 - Early 2023


Pictures are of the Pro Model. Premium Pictures are not yet available.

All models come with the following features:

Four flippers; two on the upper playfield for some cool-looking loop shots.
Metal and wireform ramps (not plastic!).
Center bullseye target with a ramp that launches the ball right up to it, kind of like Lord of the Rings.
Set of 3-bank drop targets -- everyone loves these.
Two spinners, one on the left that dumps you right into the pop bumpers.
Captive ball mechanism.
An insane shot to the left ramp through the pop bumpers.


The Premium and Limited Edition (500 made) versions contain some additional, fancy features which we don’t have pictures of yet… But here’s how Stern describes them:

Interactive sarcophagus ball lock.
Motorized secret tomb entrance.
Controlled middle pharaoh laser-cut metal ramp that raises to reveal the underworld scoop.
Dual sensing Newton ball (This is pinball firmly mounted on the playfield that, when hit, transfers energy to a captive ball behind it).
Two custom Eddie sculpts.


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Iron Maiden Premium Edition Deposit Only
Iron Maiden Premium Edition Deposit Only