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Iron Man Pinball Vault Edition

  • Iron Man Pinball Vault Edition
  • Iron Man Pinball Vault Edition
  • Iron Man Pinball Vault Edition
  • Iron Man Pinball Vault Edition

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Originally released in 2010, the Iron Man Pro model continues to bring the battle between billionaire industrialist, Tony Stark/Iron Man, and his enemies to the fingertips and flippers of pinball players. With non-stop action, Iron Man Pro Vault Edition heightens the excitement, bringing back a classic game for the players of any age and skill level.
Iron Man Pro Vault Edition features technological and manufacturing upgrades utilized by Stern in its current Pro models. Among the improvements is all LED playfield lighting. Iron Man is manufactured with Stern’s updated modern metal and wood back box with red t-molding and with a decaled cabinet and speaker housing. The Iron Monger, War Machine and Whiplash figures have been molded in one piece construction for improved strength.


 **Note Pictures are of First Release of Ironman, Not Current Release Vault Edition at this time **



Among the changes to our Pro games in general, and Iron Man Pro Vault Edition in particular, are:

--LED’s on the playfield throughout, including in the Iron Monger chest;

--Code light show revision to operate the LED’s and better display LED light shows;

--Cabinet decals, and the IM Vault decals will be printed on brushed aluminum enhancing the art; 

--New modern metal and wood backbox, with red t-molding;

--Speaker panel decal matching the game art;

--Higher resolution backglass, enabled by new technology, which provides better detail and sharpness;

--One-piece, molded Iron Man, War Machine, and Whiplash action figure toys, which reduce breakage and extend life;

--Current design one piece auto launcher, which increases reliability; and

--Various fixes of code bugs reported to us.

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