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Lane Master Pro by UNIS

  • Lane Master Pro by UNIS
  • Lane Master Pro by UNIS
  • Lane Master Pro by UNIS
  • Lane Master Pro by UNIS

$ 6,195.00

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Universal Space’s Lane Master Pro Features:

– Exclusive to arcades with a hardware element that no home device can truly recreate
– NEW compact design created especially for street locations, bars, arcades, etc.
– Single lane setup with appealing multi-color LED lighting & T-molding.
– Includes 2 monitors, the marquee at 32″ with the main display at 42″ in size with HD resolution.
– Supports up to six players, rotating turns
– Designed like a traditional alley bowler with a durable, smooth lane surface and an upright cabinet in the back
– Roll a real ball down the lane; multiple sensors accurately detect the angle, speed and spin that is translated into the game
– Video game element allows for animations and a variety of settings without the complexity of picking up pins
– Traditional bowling rules with 10 frames, splits, strikes, etc. Operators can adjust the number of frames per credit
– Special “Golden Pin’ stage to win even more points!
– Includes two coin-slots; card swipe ready

H: 101" x W: 27" x D: 96"

81" H w/o marquee

530 lbs

Possible 4-6 Week Lead Time

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