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Reverse Rainbow

  • Reverse Rainbow

$ 7,995.00

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The Reverse Rainbow ( shown in Brushed Metal and gloss black trim)

The Golden West "Reverse Rainbow" is a new concept in design 
and fashion.   Golden West engineers created both a stable and
functional professional pool table.   The Art Deco design of the
Reverse Rainbow is at the apex of contemporary pool table
styles.   Beautiful in its sleek contoured sweeping lines, the
Reverse Rainbow is destined to take its prominent position
in history.  Museum quality and Tournament specifications
makes this the designers choice when the normal pool table
does not fit the bill.  Unlimited colors, materials, and texture
combinations to choose from.   When only the very best will do,
the Golden West Reverse Rainbow is here for you!

The Reverse Rainbow is featured  in different woods and materials
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3 ½ X 7'
4 X 8'
4 ½ X 9'

Offered in Pool, Billiard, and Snooker Tables

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