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Star Wars Episode I

  • Star Wars Episode I

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Last game manufactured by WMS industries (Williams and Bally labels) before the announcement to close their doors on October 25, 1999. The jet bumper rule of the 1.4 software reminds players of that date. (The number of points for spelling Jar Jar is 19,992,510; This is the date 25-10-1999, the same day WMS announced the closing of their pinball branch.)

Ted Estes, a former WMS employee has a story about buying and manufacturing the second to last Williams pinball machine built in the 20th century. Click here.

According to Kevin O'Connor at the 2004 Texas Pinball Festival, the Darth Maul character in the video sequence is actually Kevin himself, who trained for several weeks in stick fighting so he could be filmed against a green screen and appear in the game.

A number of the final cabinets made for this game had plaques affixed to them indicating sequentially numbered games up to a quantity of 5100. We do not know how many of these cabinets had such plaques, but a number of 200 (unconfirmed to us) is floating around in general discussion. Other cabinets had a different plaque for "The Final Collector's Series of 100". Duncan Brown tells us that these type of plaques were used to move the final inventory out the door at full price, and this was done by manufacturing facility people long after all of the engineering people were let go, the engineering people being the ones most likely to care about this sort of thing, therefore exact numbers for each plaque may not be known, in spite of what numbers the plaques might show. For instance, there could be two series of "100" plaques, for all we know. Perhaps the difficult task of locating and counting available plaques would be necessary to estimate their quantities. In contrast to our stated Production Run number of 3,525 units, Duncan believes they made 5100 units (plus playfield kits), but he remembers being told the number was more like 5,103.

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