Tornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball

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Tornado T3000T

Professional-grade performance just got better. The Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table brings home all the features of the Tornado Platinum Tour Edition. Featuring the upgrades that Tournament Players have asked for.

Our cabinet design allows your table to be shipped nearly assembled for
 quick and easy set-up on location; 30 minutes from box to first game!

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The Tornado T-3000 Platinum Tour Edition combines the durability and solid 2 piece construction found on Tornado products for years, and the upgrades that Tournament Players have asked for. The Platinum Tour Edition is coin-operated and considered by many as the best foosball table in the world.  It uses patented men with improved sharper corners and increased cross section allowing for better ball control and passing.  This table comes standard with a 5-coin Push Chute mechanism set for either tokens or most types of currency.

Also available without Coin Mechanism

L: 56” / 142 cm
W: 30” / 76 cm
H: 36” / 92 cm
Weight: 355 lbs / 161 kg

Available in Matte Black as well as Crimson

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Tornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball
Tornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball