X-Men Pro Used

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One Left! Show Room Floor Demo Model! Buy it Before its Gone!
Custom-Molded "Wolverine" Bash Toy
Wolverine Playfield Magnet Activated by "Bash Toy" and Game Rules
Orbit Shot "Magneto" Ball Diverter (into the back of the ball lock)
"Magneto" Dual Up-Post Ball Lock Assembly
Custom-Molded "Magneto" Figurine
"Power-Scoop" Ball Ejector
3rd Flipper (upper right)
Vertical Up-Kicker Diverts Ball Onto Left Ramp
2 Molded Super Speed Ramps
2 "Hellfire" Targets (on left)
2 "Brotherhood" Targets  (on right)
2 "Light Lock" Targets
1 "Cyclops" Spinning Target
3 Super Bright LED Pop Bumpers
2 High-Powered Slingshots
Traditional Country-Specific Coin Door
Game-Specific QR Codes
Decal and Leg Protectors
Official Game Speech Provided By Marvel
High-Definition Color Cabinet Decals
"Magneto" Playfield  Magnet In Front Of Magneto
4 Dome Flash Lamp Assemblies
"Latch" Lockdown Bar
Black ABS Lower Arch
**subject to adjustment**
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X-Men Pro Used
X-Men Pro Used