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4 Signs You Need to Refelt A Pool Table

Your pool table's felt will slowly become damaged over time from the friction of the balls and any nicks and scratches that occur during gameplay. It may seem daunting but it's essential to keep up with maintaining your pool table. Staying on top of the condition of your felt will keep your table playing great and looking new. Over time, even with maintenance, a refelting may be required. Here are four signs that it's time to give your pool table some love.

1. It's Visibly Damaged

If there are any major marks or deep scratches, it's time to give your table a facelift. While encouraging mindful gameplay with those using your table will help it last for a long time, sometimes accidents happen. If the felt has been deeply scraped or scratched, it will likely need to be replaced.

2. It's Affecting Your Play

As time goes on, your felt will start to fade and become exposed to moisture (either atmospheric or from spills) as well as build up dirt and dust. This will begin to affect gameplay by impacting the way balls roll across the surface. If, after a thorough cleaning (see below), the felt is still interfering with your game, it might be time to resurface with some fresh felt.

3. Balls are Pocket Catching

The felt of your pool table is attached to the rails, cushions, and slate to make it easier for the balls to fall into the pockets. If your pool table is still functional, but the felt is worn, the balls may be harder to maintain, and you may have to play with more finesse. Replacing the felt is an easy fix that keeps your pool table running smoothly.

4. The Felt is Worn

If the felt on your pool table is worn in areas, you’re at risk for bigger problems. As the felt fades, it’s wearing thinner and thinner from the friction of balls rolling across the surface. If left unchecked, it can begin to tear. This will render your table useless until it is recovered. It is better to make the decision to refelt your table before you get to this point. Especially if you’re using it in an arcade or bar setting where having it out of commission will have an effect on your bottom line.

Pool Table FeltPool Table Felt

How to Care for Billiard Cloth

Billiard cloth is the technical term for the fabric that lines your pool table's playing surface (commonly referred to as felt). Although the cloth will come in a color of your choosing, it will be prone to fading, moisture, and dirt. Because of this, keeping it properly maintained is essential to allow for proper gameplay and increase the surface’s longevity.

Avoid Playing on Wet Cloth

If your table should become damp or wet, use a dry towel to dab it dry as quickly as possible. We can’t overstate this, playing on a damp or humid table is a very bad idea. This will cause the table to warp and the balls to move in a stranger manner. The moisture will also be absorbed into the table's felt which in turn, ruin it.

Wipe It Thoroughly

If you've spilled a beverage onto the billiard cloth, it's essential to wipe up any puddles and blot out as much moisture as you can with a towel. Water can cause mold and mildew to grow underneath your cloth, harming the table's structure. The moisture may damage the wood if your table is made of hardwood.

Pretreat Stains

Often, the reason your pool table begins to fade is due to the nature of the stains that are on the cloth. Although it's nearly impossible to prevent stains, you can treat them immediately with a mixture of water and detergent, using the mixture to dampen a towel to let the stain soak before blotting the area dry.


Improper care and maintenance of your pool table will significantly impact the quality of your billiard game and the longevity of your table. Follow the instructions above to properly care for your billiard table so you can continue to enjoy your favorite pastime. 

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