6 Essential Pieces to Improve Your Billiards Game

If you're an aspiring billiards player, you are about to enter into a sport that has been beloved by many. The game of pool has been around for decades and even played by the royal court, who were crucial in developing one of the most essential billiards tools of today.


If you're looking to improve your craft, you will need multiple types of billiards equipment to help you with your gameplay. Here are some of the most common billiard accessories to get today. We carry most of these in stock for your convenience, along with a great selection of billiards and pool tables.


1) Pool Cue


Pool cues are one of the most important pieces of billiards equipment you can choose. It is a must-have as a billiards player at any level. Becoming familiar and comfortable with your cue will help you to be a better player.


A pool cue is basically a refined stick shaped with an inward slope that would develop into a cone, with a cue tip at the end. The tip is the part that gets in contact with the cue ball and transfers the force through the cue stick to the ball for shot execution. Pool cues used to be pretty basic, but today, they are anything but. Cues can either be one-piece or two.


2) Chalk


Pool chalk is a basic of gameplay. The pool cue is often chalked between each shot. With many manufacturers of chalk, how do you know what the best options will be? It comes down to materials and bonding. 


It's usually made up of calcite and clay, with a dye to create the color of choice. The most common colors are blue, red, and green. We carry a few different high quality options for billiards chalk in the 3 most popular colors.


3) Pool Cue Case


A cue case is an option if you want to ensure your pool cue is safe and protected. In addition to the two pieces of gear we've mentioned above, you will want a pool cue case, so your pool cue is safe and secure.


A pool cue case is usually made of leather or other alternative materials. It is also a good idea to have a cue clip or a tip clamp so your cue won't fall off your pool table when you are taking your break.


4) Chalk Carrying Case


The chalk carrier will be very helpful when you are using a chalk cube. Most pool halls will have chalk at every table, but the condition and quality will vary. If you’re an avid billiards player, then having your own chalk is essential.


The chalk carrier will allow you to store your cube of blue chalk. The chalk carrier is attached with a string to the end of the cue stick, allowing you the freedom to place it wherever you want, depending on your preference.


5) Pool Table Brush


A high quality pool table brush, with good bristles and handle will be the best choice. Prices vary based on material and can be made with a handle crafted from wood, polymer, or a number of materials. 


While the handle is generally plain or ornamental, the bristle quality is what will provide the functional result and a better bristle has a better rate of sweeping the table. The quality of manufacturing results with brushes that last longer and work better.

6) Pool Table


Lastly, you need a pool table. It is, after all, one of the most important pieces of billiards equipment for your game. It's usually known as a billiards table or a pool table, and it's where the entire game goes down. It's the centerpiece of any billiards room.


There are different types of pool tables or billiard tables that you will want to check out. The most common is the commercial pool table, which is the most commonly used in local bars, billiard rooms, and tournaments.


If you're looking for a table for a billiards room in your home, then we recommend that you check out the residential tables.




As a billiards player, it is important to have the proper gear. These are just some of the basic billiards equipment that you need to play the game. You will want to check the rule book on what kind of billiards equipment you should use and what you should have in your billiard room.


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