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  1. Costs Of Starting An Arcade Bar

    The Costs of Opening An Arcade Bar: What You Need to Know


    Starting an Arcade Bar can be a challenge due to the combination of factors to oversee and the associated costs of startup and on-going operation. This is especially true if it’s your first foray into this type of business. One of the things that give people the most trouble is the financial planning and forecasting aspect of the business. Indeed, not many people are aware of all the costs attached to opening a bar arcade. To help you out, here’s everything you need to know about the arcade related costs of opening this type of business.


    What Do You Need to Purchase For An Arcade?


    Get smart about the equipment you’ll need to purchase for your arcade. Learn about the main equipment items as well as typical costs and where you can find sources for purchasing them. Some of these will be a one time cost, and some will be a set up cost with an ongoing subscription. In this we’ll cover the basics relating to the arcade part of the bar. Here’s a brief rundown of everything that you’ll need:


    • Commercial Space Lease ($2,500-$25,000)
    • Arcade games ($20,000 - $100,000)
    • POS System ($500 - $5000)
    • Arcade tickets in bulk ($30 - $64)
    • Arcade tokens ($500 - $2,000)
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  2. Why Get Your Office a Game Room?

    Why To Get Your Office A Game Room

    An office that is all work and no play is no fun at all. It can be productive in the meantime, but eventually, people would need some time to entertain themselves and relax. Sure, employees can have 15-minute coffee breaks, but nothing beats having something to keep them alert and active. The more fun your employee feels, the happier the work environment becomes.

    If you need unique suggestions on making your office a happier place for your employees, buying a game room setup or renting arcade games are some ideas you should consider. While this suggestion might seem like a waste of money, it is an investment that could end up giving you more in return.

    Here are the top benefits that a game room can give the company:


    1 - Uplifts Your Employees’ Energy

    A whole day of thinking about problems, solutions, and strategies can indeed be draining. Why not recharge by playing a little game? Since employees tend to sit down by their desks, a game room would be a great way to keep them entertained and physically moving. Employees can enjoy many fun activities in a game room.

    Research shows that a break helps improve one’s work performance. Having a break room full of activities that can help them relax would be an excellent answer to this concern. When your employees feel energetic throughout the day, they are more likely to be productive too. Let them have an outlet to re-energize, and your company will benefit in return.

    2 - Gives Your Company a Positive Impression

    Not all companies have game rooms in their offices. Having one could be a life-changing element for your employees and all applicants wanting to work for a fantastic company. The game room is a physical representation of how

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