1. 5 Valuable Tips to Help You Maintain Your Dartboard

    5 Valuable Tips to Help You Maintain Your Dartboard

     Some Valuable Tips to Help You Maintain Your Dartboard


    tips to maintain your dartboard

    The game of darts may seem simple enough. Stick the dart in the board and have the most points at the end. Easy, right? Well, there is much more to it than that. The technique required to consistently be at the top of your game only comes with hours of practice. Beginner’s luck will only get so far.

    All of those practice shots will add up to a lot of wear & tear on your dartboard. It takes a great deal of work to dial in your game and over that time, you can expect some issues to arise.

    Good news! You can maintain your dartboard so that it stands up to years of play and still have the same great quality as it did the first day you hung it up. Here are five valuable tips to help you keep throwing darts for years to come.


    1. Keep Your Dartboard Dry


    Moisture is Public Enemy #1 when it comes to sisal dartboards. Excessive moisture will cause the board to warp and the dyes to run. Not only ruining the aesthetic of your board but also will make a proper game impossible. The best protection is to make sure the space you are hanging your board is dry and well ventilated. 


    2. Keep Your Dartboard Away From the Sun


    The opposite problem from moisture. Direct sunlight w

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  2. On Target: 7 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Dartboard

    On Target: 7 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Dartboard

    What To Look Out for When Buying Dartboards At Game Stores

    It is finally the weekend, and you are ready to chill out. There’s plenty you could do, but you hear your den calling. Wouldn’t it be great if you could text your friends and have them over for a couple of beers and a round of darts?  The beers would be easy enough to pick up, but how do you know what makes a great dartboard?

    Here is a handy guide of seven things to think about while you shop. This way you’ll get the most out of your dartboard and your den becomes the place to be on Friday night.  


    7 Dartboard buying tips


    1. Consider Bladed Dartboard Wiring

    The wiring organizes the dartboard into the segments you’re familiar with. It’s important to remember that this wiring has an impact on the amount of playing surface on the board. Thicker wire will rob you of points by causing bounce-outs when the point comes in contact.

    It is best to seek out boards that use bladed wiring. They are just as easy to see from a distance while maximizing your playing surface. 


    2. Best to Start Fresh, Avoid Used Dartboards

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