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  1. A Guide to Table Games Space Requirements

    A Guide to Table Games Space Requirements

    Maximizing Your Game Room Space: The Ultimate Table Game Requirements

    This is the ultimate guide about the space around pool tables and air hockey tables in your home game room. It'll go over how much space you need to allow for the games themselves and how to use the space around the table to its full potential.

    This article will also describe a few ways to make your game room feel larger without sacrificing game table space–enjoy!

    What's the Space Needed for a Ping Pong Table?

    JOOLA Ping Pong Table Tennis Table

    Depending on the manufacturer, the ping pong table will be made to fit six-to-ten people. To allow for that many people to play comfortably, the ping pong table will measure 92 inches long by 30 inches wide (6-to-10 players).

    You may want to consider the amount of space needed for the game itself to be more than the table itself. It is best to allow at least sixteen inches of space on your ping pong table (on both sides) for each person playing. This will allow some extra room around the table to move about comfortably.

    What's the Space Needed for a Pool Table?

    Cimmaron 8 ft Pool Table at Game Exchange

    The amount of space needed for a pool table will depend entirely on the style and make of the table itself, but the consensus is that you will need a minimum of 8' x 4' (72" x 36") to play pool comfortably.

    However, the reality is that you will need much more space than that. The pool table will take up half of the room itself, but the remaining space needs to be left open to allow plenty of walking space around the table.

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  2. 5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Foosball Table Game

    5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Foosball Table Game

    Buying Tips for foosball tables

    5 Expert Tips in Buying a Foosball Table

    From college common rooms to corporate break areas and many places in between, Foosball tables have long been a mainstay. They're fun for anyone and add a distinctive visual flair to any space they're included in. Of course, there are tons of designs out there to choose from, and not all sizes, styles, and weights will work for everyone.

    We put together a little cheat sheet to help you find the perfect foosball table for you!


    Establish If You Want a Long-Term or Temporary Placement

    This is something you want to think about before choosing your foosball table. A full-sized table will require some intensive assembly. If this is your centerpiece, or you plan to keep it in place for a long time, then this style is for you. 

    If you want something you can keep around and bust out for events, then you may want to consider a smaller table.


    Consider Whether You'll Charge for Games

    Purchasing a coin-operated foosball table only makes sense if it will in some way enhance your business. Beyond their obvious and rightful place in an arcade, they are great ways to provide entertainment for guests to your bar or restaurant. 

    If you’re only interested in enjoying your foosball table, a free play table would be best for you.

    That way all you have to do is to focus on enjoying the game. Be sure to keep the difference in mind while you’re shopping.


    Measure The Space of Your Game Room

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  3. Seven Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Hockey Table

    Seven Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Hockey Table

    Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Air Hockey Table

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  4. Everything You Need to Know About Shuffleboard Tables

    Everything You Need to Know About Shuffleboard Tables

    Shuffleboard Tables 101: Your Complete Guide to the Game

    All kinds of sports have their variations. Shuffleboard is no different, it's a game where two players try to move their pieces from one end of the board to the other by sliding them across the surface on disks called pucks and getting them into specific parts of the board that are worth different points values. Its variation, which is table shuffleboard, is also commonly played just as fervently as the original sport.


    As the name suggests, shuffleboard is played with on a special table made for the game. Shuffleboard tables can be made from a variety of materials but the best are made from a combination of high-quality woods, metals, and finishes. Higher-quality tables provide better gameplay and a longer life for the table itself.


    This article will discuss everything there is to know about shuffleboard tables. Read on below to get started.


    The Ideal Table Size

    Table Shuffleboards

    Table shuffleboard tables are usually around four feet long, two feet wide, and 18 to 24 inches high.


    The dimensions are there because they are recommended by the United States Table Shuffleboard Association (USSSA), the governing body of table shuffleboard. Since each player's table should have the exact measurements, you'll want to stick to these dimensions for the sake of fairness.


    Beyond that, there are also other sizes of shuffleboard tables. These are:


    8 Foot Shuffleboard Table


    This is the smallest size possible.

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