Valley Top Cat Coin-Op Pool Table

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Valley Top Cat Coin-Op/DBA Pool Table

The Top Cat commercial pool table is a whole new breed from Valley. With its distinctive upscale appearance and classic design, this sleek pool table will fit great in any high-class space! The standard color combination features our mahogany finish with satin black corners (for those who love dark tones) as well metal trimming along each side to give it that extra touch - not too much though because we know how sensitive some people can be about their space being taken over by shiny metals; if you want low maintenance tables then look no further than the Valley Top Cat pool table.

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The Top Cat Coin Operated Pool Table is a whole new breed from Valley. This striking silhouette is reminiscent of days past and the unique upscale appearance will have you looking sharp in your game room or office, but it's more than just style - this table has performance standards set high with its durable Duramith Balls for ultimate gameplay quality as well premium Championship grade cloths available at every turn! With multiple stain/dye combinations, possible thanks to our wide range finders accessories package Onsite Service Options including professional cleaning when needed

  • Available in 93 and 101 (7' and 8')
  • Table available without DBA at reduced price
  • Motion-sensitive lighting in ball view and coin door areas
  • Secure ball view window (no door) to eliminate lost revenue
  • Panther-Proven electronics package with upgraded 26 Amp Interstate Battery.
  • Programmable Happy Hour and Bonus Pricing feature, Card reader Ready
  • Over-sized secure service door for easy battery and motor access
  • Championship Worsted Ultra Billiard Cloth with Teflon for speed and durability (available in multiple colors)
  • Five-bolt cushion rails with thicker backing for strength and rigidity
  • Magnetic cue ball separator with no moving parts.  Cue ball and object balls are the EXACT SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT.
  • Valley exclusive Dual-Density cushion rail rubber for responsiveness, accuracy and long life.
  • Diamond markers, permanently printed and coated with clear Melamine layer
  • Easily replaceable coin chute housing.
  • Adjustable push chute included on DBA tables
  • Coin counter on door for improved visibility
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills, TX USA
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Valley Top Cat Coin-Op Pool Table
Valley Top Cat Coin-Op Pool Table