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Kiss Pinball Interactive Topper!!

  • Kiss Pinball Interactive Topper!!

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lighted interactive topper for Sterns Kiss pinball, works with pro, premium and Limited Editions.

We are proud to announce our exclusive officially licensed KISS Pinball LED Topper! 197 individual lights computer controlled in nearly 8" 3D letters of the iconic KISS band logo! Works in conjunction with the game or on its own as a home decoration!

The topper features many lighting modes which light differently depending on which mode you are in within the game. Only one is shown in this video! When in attract mode (non gameplay) it automatically cycles through the light modes.

One of the coolest features of the topper is that it was deliberately designed to work in conjunction with the many KISS licensed figurines released over the years. Space was allotted in FRONT of the letters for you to setup and pose your own personal action figures for the ultimate KISS diorama topper on top of your new incredible machine, or on a shelf in your home.

This certainly is one of the coolest pinball toppers ever made, and it is the only one officially licensed by Stern and KISS!



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