Air Hockey Tables

Air Hockey Tables

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Air Hockey Tables For Sale Of All Sizes From The Best Brands

Air hockey tables are a favorite of many for home or arcade recreation. We carry a variety of air hockey table options for our clients to choose from. Rest assured that if you're looking for a high-quality air hockey table we're going to have the product for you. We rigorously assess the manufacturing brands that we work with for quality of materials and craftsmanship so we can stand behind the air hockey tables we have for sale.

Shop Air Hockey Tables Online Or At Our Denver Air Hockey Store

If you're ready to buy an air hockey table then check out our selection below and purchase from the convenience of your home and let our delivery handle it for you. Or if you want, stop by our Denver Air Hockey Store, just south of downtown Denver off 6th Ave & I-25.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Air Hockey Tables With Answers


What is the standard size of an air hockey table?

The standard size of an air hockey table can vary based on the type and purpose. Regulation-size tables, such as those used in professional tournaments, are typically 8 feet long. However, for home use, air hockey tables can come in various sizes, with common ones being 7 feet, 6 feet, or even smaller for children's models. Always check the space where you plan to place the table before purchasing.

How does an air hockey table work?

An air hockey table works by using a motor that forces air through tiny holes on the playing surface, creating a cushion of air. This air allows the puck to glide smoothly and quickly across the surface with minimal friction. Each player uses a striker to hit the puck, aiming to score a goal in the opponent's slot.

What are the rules of air hockey?

Air hockey is played between two players. The objective is to score seven points before your opponent. A player can only strike the puck if it is on their side of the centerline. A player scores a point when they successfully hit the puck into their opponent's goal. The game can also end if a player commits a certain number of fouls or if a predetermined time limit is reached.

How to maintain an air hockey table?

Regular cleaning is key to maintaining the longevity of an air hockey table. Always keep the surface free of dust and debris, and avoid spilling liquids. Occasionally, you may need to clean the air holes with a small needle or pin. It's also recommended to check the air motor and replace it if necessary.

What material is best for an air hockey table surface?

The best material for an air hockey table surface is usually hard, smooth plastic or laminate material that allows the puck to glide smoothly. High-quality tables often use thick, durable PVC that can withstand heavy use.

How to level an air hockey table?

Leveling an air hockey table usually involves adjusting the legs of the table until the playing surface is perfectly horizontal. Some tables have adjustable leg levelers which you can turn to raise or lower each corner. A level tool can be used to check the flatness of the table.

How much does an air hockey table cost?

The price of an air hockey table can vary greatly depending on its size, material, brand, and other features. Basic models suitable for children or casual play can start around $100, while professional-grade tables used in tournaments can cost several thousand dollars.

Is there a difference between home and commercial air hockey tables?

Yes, there is a difference. Commercial air hockey tables are typically more durable and built to withstand heavy use in arcades or game centers. They are often regulation-size (8 feet) and may have advanced features such as electronic scoring. Home models, on the other hand, come in a variety of sizes to suit different spaces and may not have as many features.

How much power does an air hockey table use?

The power usage of an air hockey table depends on the power of the air blower motor. Most residential air hockey tables use motors that consume between 60 and 100 watts. Considering a few hours of daily use, the overall energy consumption should not significantly impact your electric bill.

Can an air hockey table be used outdoors?

Generally, air hockey tables are designed for indoor use, as exposure to elements like sun, rain, and humidity can damage the table surface and the air blower mechanism. However, some manufacturers produce outdoor models made with weather-resistant materials. If you plan to use a table outdoors, ensure it is specifically designed for this and protected when not in use.

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