1. Stern Pinball Released New James Bond 007 Pinball Machine

    Stern Pinball Released New James Bond 007 Pinball Machine

    In celebration of the James Bond films, Stern Pinball, Inc. released a new line of pinball machines. The series, which will feature original 007 actor Sean Connery in Pro Edition, Premium Edition, and Limited Edition (LE), aims to recapture the magic of these films. In addition, Stern Pinball will also release a 60th anniversary limited edition pinball machine that features all six James Bond actors.

    Sean Connery's performance as James Bond in Dr. No in 1962 made the character an international phenomenon, with its thrilling action sequences, innovative gadgetry, special effects, iconic characters, and memorable villains.

    The James Bond 007 cornerstone pinball machine from Stern Pinball will feature film footage and famous music from the James Bond films that established the 007 legend: Dr. No, From Russia With Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967), and Diamonds Are Forever (1971). In this action-packed pinball experience, players become fully immersed in the world of espionage as they work to tackle assignments and stop SPECTRE’s villainous schemes. Throughout the game, players will team up with key allies to help them succeed.

    As you play, collect gadgets from Q Branch and watch a

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  2. Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Pool Table

    Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Pool Table

    Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Pool Table

    A pool table is a magnificent addition to any game room! Whether you've just fallen in love with the game or have been playing for years, this list of tips will help make sure you get the right table for your needs. 

    With so many models out there, there is no perfect ‘one size fits all’ table for - what's important is that you discover the model that fully suits your playing style, space requirements and decor. Read on to learn more about what to look for before making your purchase!

    pool tablepool table

    Is Buying a Pool Table Worth the Price?

    There are few things in life more satisfying than a good game of pool. Whether shooting a round by yourself to clear your mind or competing against your friends, your table will bring you hours of joy and comfort. But choosing the right pool table for your home takes some careful consideration. This can be a significant investment, so it’s fair to wonder if it's worth it. 

    A pool table is a beautiful addition to any home and will provide years of enjoyment. Not only will you be able to play whenever you want, but  it is a great thing to have handy when hosting. You can also host your own pool tournaments! If you'r

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  3. 6 TIps for Teaching Your Kids how to Play Pool

    6 TIps for Teaching Your Kids how to Play Pool

    6 TIps for Teaching Your Kids how to Play Pool

    Part of the allure of having a pool table in your home is sharing your love of the game with your family. As soon as your kids can hold a pool cue and see over the table you can start showing them the basics. Starting young is a great way to increase hand eye coordination and motor skills.

    We’re not joking! Pool is an easy game to teach children that is safe for them to play on their own. Plus, showing them the ropes early helps them develop their game quicker.  

    Now they may not ever come close to the pro circuit, but even if they did, it wouldn’t compare to the hours spent bonding and sharing a love for pool. If nothing else, you’ll always have someone around to shoot a round with! Passing on the traditions of billiards has always relied on the older generations guiding the younger. Now it’s your turn. 

    Sure, they might not understand all the rules at first, but you can start slowly and introduce the nuances as they come along with the basics. 

    If you’re still apprehensive, here are some pointers on introducing pool to your kids so you can get started.

    pool tablepool table

    What Age Should Children Learn Billiards?

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  4. Why the Living Room is the Best Room for Your Pool Table

    Why the Living Room is the Best Room for Your Pool Table

    Why the Living Room is the Best Room for Your Pool Table

    Having a pool table in your home is a centerpiece for the room you place it in. Countless hours of bonding will happen in the rounds of poo played over the years. These will be memories you cherish for a lifetime. In order to enjoy these times to their utmost, it is essential that the table is installed in a room that will leave plenty of space to play and gather around it. Your living room should provide ample room for you to host around your pool table. Here are some benefits of having a pool table in a shared space at home.

    cochise pool table for your living roomcochise pool table for your living room

    1. Helps Build Family Relationships

    Pool is truly an all ages, all abilities sort of game. Your children to your in-laws can pick up a pool cue and get in the game. Once you have a table in your home, you’ll quickly realize how much fun your family has shooting pool.  All that time together will strengthen your bonds and bring you closer than ever before.

    A pool table in your living room is an invitation to gather. It is an activity that nearly everyone can participate in and stay relaxed while playing. The banter, stories, a

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  5. Helpful Instructions to Clean the Felt of a Pool Table

    Helpful Instructions to Clean the Felt of a Pool Table

     Helpful Instructions to Clean the Felt of a Pool Table

    You fell in love with the game of pool. The breaks, the angles, the thrill of victory. You’re hooked on it. So much so that you picked up a table for your home. But if you want to keep your pool table looking and playing like the day you bought it, it will need a little TLC. No part will need more consistent care than the felt. From cue chalk to spilled food and beverages the fabric will need to be looked after to avoid stains and unnecessary wear.

    Made from durable wool and nylon blends, billiards table felt can stand up to years of use when maintained regularly. While eventually it will need to be replaced, proper care will help you avoid this costly repair for as long as possible. Here are some simple instructions for cleaning the felt on a pool table.

    Materials You Need:

    • A pool felt brush
    • A microfiber cloth
    • Water
    • A gentle detergent
    • A commercial pool felt cleaner
    pool table brushpool table brush

    Brushing the Table Felt

    First you need a table brush. We recommend a pool felt b

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  6. 5 Valuable Tips When Buying a Pinball Machine

    5 Valuable Tips When Buying a Pinball Machine

    5 Valuable Tips When Buying a Pinball Machine

    We all need a break. A week full of work, errands, cooking, cleaning, running the kids around, it takes a toll. We’ve all heard the saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Good thing we know a great way to keep the hum-drums away. Pinball!

    Pinball is a great way to blow off steam for a number of reasons. It requires total focus, forcing you to set aside your daily troubles for a bit. The lights and sounds are engaging, taking you into another world and sparking your imagination. And, of course, it’s just a lot of fun to play. Not only that, but you take turns with your friends as you each try to set the high score. Granted, picking one up for yourself can seem a little tricky if it’s your first time buying a pinball machine. Here are five simple tips that will have you playing in no time without breaking the bank.

    pinball machinepinball machine

    #1 - Establish a Realistic Budget

    As with any big ticket purchase, you’re going to want to set a budget and stick to it. Some machines will require more energy than others while maintenance will vary depending on if you have a digital display or not. Also, bear in mind if this is for commercial or home use. If you’re not using it as a source of

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  7. 4 Signs You Need to Refelt Your Pool Table

    4 Signs You Need to Refelt Your Pool Table

    4 Signs You Need to Refelt A Pool Table

    Your pool table's felt will slowly become damaged over time from the friction of the balls and any nicks and scratches that occur during gameplay. It may seem daunting but it's essential to keep up with maintaining your pool table. Staying on top of the condition of your felt will keep your table playing great and looking new. Over time, even with maintenance, a refelting may be required. Here are four signs that it's time to give your pool table some love.

    1. It's Visibly Damaged

    If there are any major marks or deep scratches, it's time to give your table a facelift. While encouraging mindful gameplay with those using your table will help it last for a long time, sometimes accidents happen. If the felt has been deeply scraped or scratched, it will likely need to be replaced.

    2. It's Affecting Your Play

    As time goes on, your felt will start to fade and become exposed to moisture (either atmospheric or from spills) as well as build up dirt and dust. This will begin to affect gameplay by impacting the way balls roll across the surface. If, after a thorough cleaning (see below), the felt is still interfering with your game, it might be time to resurface with some fresh felt.

    3. Balls are Pocket Catching

    The felt of your pool table is attached to the rails, cushions, and slate to make it

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  8. 4 Great Reasons to Invest in Pool Tables for Your Bar

    4 Great Reasons to Invest in Pool Tables for Your Bar

    4 Great Reasons to Invest in Pool Tables for Your Bar

    Are you running a bar? Are there a few too many open seats during happy hour? It might be time to think about installing a pool table. Sometimes pool tables in bars get a bad rap. Some bar owners worry that a table would take up too much space or get folks too rowdy. Believe us, when you make the call and install one, you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. Your pool table will immediately bring an exciting game to your bar, encouraging them to spend more time (and money) in your establishment.  

    Here are four reasons how adding a pool table to your space will have an immediate impact on your business:

    1. It's an Easy Upgrade

    If you plan it out right, a pool table can turn a dead space on your floor into a centerpiece. Once you’ve identified a space for the table with enough room surrounding it to enjoy the game, you can fill in the rest of the floor around it so that it all works together in harmony. Your table will attract patrons to it. By playing game after game, they’ll be enticed to keep coming back time and time again. 

    Once you have this attraction set properly in your space, you will quickly realize that not only does your space feel warmer and more inviting, you have more people ordering more food and drinks, all while putting more and more quarters into the table. A true win/win for your business.

    2. Attracts More Customers

    People go to bars to spend time with friends and unwind. Giv

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  9. 7 Employee Benefits of Having a Pool Table in the Office

    7 Employee Benefits of Having a Pool Table in the Office

    7 Employee Benefits of Having a Pool Table in the Office

    Having sources of entertainment in the break room sounds like an invitation for procrastination and low productivity, right? So why do so many offices seem to be following the trend of having spaces where employees can kick back and unwind? There are multiple reasons but mainly, work environments where employees can relax encourage creativity and can lead to innovative ideas.

    When employees are given the time to decompress, they can think outside the box. This is especially true of offices with gaming areas, a more casual dress code, and of course a pool table. Here are some of the ways a game room can benefit your business.

    1. It Boosts Employee Morale

    A pool table in the office may seem like a frivolous expense, but it could actually generate positive results for your business. A pool table will increase your employee’s morale and encourage them to work harder. If you have a pool table in the office, your employees will feel rewarded and inspired, which will, in turn, increase productivity.

    2. It’s a Good Break from Stress

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  10. What You Need to Know When Investing in a Pinball Machine

    What You Need to Know When Investing in a Pinball Machine

    What You Need to Know When Investing in a Pinball Machine

    Pinball machines are the original arcade game. Before video games changed the gaming industry forever, there were the sounds of bumpers and flippers dinging across the country. The game was a staple from the Depression Era through the ‘70’s and has now become a highly sought after collectors item. It’s no surprise that many pinball fanatics today are eager to get their hands on this classic gaming machine. 

    The History of Pinball

    Pinball machines as we know them are a far cry from the pool tables we are familiar with but the games have a shared lineage. An off-shoot of billiards, Bagatelle, became popular with French nobility in the 18th century. The game involved using a small cue or pusher that is set on a slanted table where players would aim for holes on the playing surface. The holes themselves were guarded by pegs (starting to sound familiar?). During the early 1780s, the French soldiers brought their bagatelles with them. 

    The game would continue to be popular into the next century. So much so, that in 1871 a toy manufacturer in Cincinnati named Montague Redgrave patented “The Improved Game of Bagatelle” which would replace the cue with the now iconic springed plunger. 

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