5 reasons pinball is a must for any game room

5 reasons pinball is a must for your new game room

5 Key Reasons Why Pinball Rocks Your Game Room

Your game room might celebrate the nobility of a pool table or the thrill of an air hockey table but nothing quite brings smiles to faces like a pinball machine. The lights and sounds suck us in and hook us for hours.

Not only that but you can challenge your friends and family for the high score, but build critical fine motor skills while playing. This makes a pinball machine a must for those who entertain.

Here are five great reasons to have a pinball machine in your game room. There are plenty of reasons to own one, but these are our favorites.

1) A Pinball Machine Gives You Another Way to Play

A pinball machine is a combination of old-school arcade feel and excitement as well as a modern form of entertainment that gives you a new and fun way to play. This all-time favorite can add all of this to your home.

There are many different ways of playing pinball. Your favorite way can differ from your friends' preferences. This only helps to build the competition between you and your friends.

Pinball offers an interactive way to challenge your friends' scores. Many machines have games within the game adding another layer to the good times.

Having a pinball machine in your game room will bring out the competitive side, helping you and your buddies bond over a couple of beers and jeers.

2) Pinball Machines Have a Unique Feel

Pinball machines' compact design gives you flexibility in using the space in your game room. We don’t typically encourage putting any game in a corner, but a pinball machine makes great use of the area while leaving plenty of room to move around it.

Along with the economy of space, and a pinball machine the game itself is addictive because of its many layers, so you and your friends will experience hours of fun!

As a result, your game room will have a distinct feel that is all your own.

3) Pinball Machines Have Great Replayability

Replayability is one of the best features that pinball machines have. It’s even proven in the machine’s history. The original pinball machine dates back to the 1800s, and here we are with all of the new games that have come along since, still playing pinball! From bars and casinos, machines can still be found easily and for good reason.

4) Pinball Machines have Great Resale Value

Whether it’s a vintage machine still in great shape or a movie tie-in, Pinball Machines have collectability that most other games don’t. With so many machines built with other audiences in mind beyond pinball enthusiasts, there is a strong secondary market for them should you ever decide to move on from yours.

5) Pinball Machines Are Great for All Skill Levels

Pinball may well be the least intimidating game you could have in your home. Whether you’re a wizard (wink, wink) or never played before, you can have hours of fun playing. You can play without having to worry about learning complicated rules or techniques.

No matter how much you’ve played, pinball will get its hooks in you just like it has for generations.


Pinball machines are a great way to have fun with your children, loved ones, and friends. You can challenge each other, compete, and even absorb yourself in the game.

So, having a pinball machine in your game room does nothing but add to your home (and will probably make the game room the room you spend the most time in)

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