valuable tips to maintain your dartboard

 Some Valuable Tips to Help You Maintain Your Dartboard


tips to maintain your dartboard

The game of darts may seem simple enough. Stick the dart in the board and have the most points at the end. Easy, right? Well, there is much more to it than that. The technique required to consistently be at the top of your game only comes with hours of practice. Beginner’s luck will only get so far.

All of those practice shots will add up to a lot of wear & tear on your dartboard. It takes a great deal of work to dial in your game and over that time, you can expect some issues to arise.

Good news! You can maintain your dartboard so that it stands up to years of play and still have the same great quality as it did the first day you hung it up. Here are five valuable tips to help you keep throwing darts for years to come.


1. Keep Your Dartboard Dry


Moisture is Public Enemy #1 when it comes to sisal dartboards. Excessive moisture will cause the board to warp and the dyes to run. Not only ruining the aesthetic of your board but also will make a proper game impossible. The best protection is to make sure the space you are hanging your board is dry and well ventilated. 


2. Keep Your Dartboard Away From the Sun


The opposite problem from moisture. Direct sunlight will dry out your board. This poses two issues. The sisal could begin to warp (if it’s too hot) or it could begin to crack (from prolonged exposure). Regardless of which one arises, good luck playing a game if you leave your board in the sun over time. 


3. Use High-Quality Darts During Your Games and Practice


High-quality darts are very important in keeping the game fair to all players. There is a marked difference in terms of reliability for your throw. Quality darts have much less deviation, keeping your motion consistent rather than compensating for the dart’s flight. 

Using high-quality darts will also save you some money in the long run. They are more durable and won’t need to be replaced nearly as often. 


4. Cover Your Dartboard While Not in Use


Covering your dartboard can protect from a few of the issues listed here. It can keep unwanted light away and should disaster strike, it will keep your board dry. Using a cover will also help keep dust and dirt off your board, keeping it looking sharp. 

5. Do Not Pull the Darts from the Dartboard; twist Them Out


When you pull the darts out of the board, you can also pull out some of the board’s fibers, which will weaken the board. Instead, you should always twist out the darts so that they can be easily removed. (Bounus Tip: Always use sharp tips on your darts!)




Choosing the right dartboard, hanging it up in your game room, and throwing darts with your favorite people is a memorable time. But there is a lot that goes into getting to that point. You wouldn’t want to waste all of that effort by not getting the most out of your board.

If you follow these tips, rather than headaches,  you will get years of fun out of your dartboard. 

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