Effective Tips for Cleaning Your Pool Table - A Guide by Game Exchange of Colorado

Essential Tips for Cleaning Your Pool Table

Whether you're a pool shark or a casual player, keeping your pool table clean is essential to enjoying your game. A clean pool table not only looks great but also plays better. Dust and dirt can build up on the felt and affect the roll of the ball.

Tips for Cleaning your Pool Table

Here are some tips for cleaning every inch of your pool table:

Remove All the Balls From the Table

Start by removing all of the balls from the table. This will make it easier to access all areas of the table and clean it thoroughly.

Use a Soft Cloth to Dust Off the Entire Surface

Once all the balls are removed, use a soft cloth to dust off the entire surface of the table. This will remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the table.

Use Straight, Not Circular Strokes

When dusting the table, use straight strokes rather than circular strokes. This will ensure that all of the dirt and dust are removed from the table.

Vacuum the Felt

After dusting the table, vacuum the felt. This will remove any remaining dirt or dust from the table.

Polish the Rails

Once the felt is vacuumed, polish the rails. This will give the table a shiny and new look.

How to Remove Spills and Stains on Your Pool Table

When it comes to stains and spills, you will need to take extra care when cleaning your pool table. The most common stains and spills include:

  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Cigarettes
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Beer

Food Spills and stains can be removed with a little elbow grease and the right cleaners. For oil and grease stains, use a dry cleaning solvent. Place a small amount on a clean white cloth and rub the solvent into the stain. Wipe away with a clean cloth.

For coffee and wine stains, mix one part white vinegar with two parts water. Place a small amount on a clean white cloth and rub the solution into the stain. Wipe away with a clean cloth.

For food stains, use a mild dish soap and water solution. Place a small amount on a clean white cloth and rub the solution into the stain. Wipe away with a clean cloth.

How to Clean the Pool Balls

The pool balls must be cleaned every few months. The best way to clean the pool balls is to use a pool ball washer. This is a machine that cleans the pool balls. If you don't have a pool ball washer, you can wash the pool balls in a bucket of soapy water. Use a soft brush to clean the pool balls. Rinse the pool balls with clean water.


Cleaning your pool table is important to maintain its longevity and quality of the table. It is also important to keep the area around your pool table clean and free of clutter to prevent accidents. There are a few different ways to clean your pool table, and the best method will depend on the type of table you have. You can either use a pool table cover or a pool table brush to clean the surface of the table. You can also use a pool table cleaner to clean the felt on the table.

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