Interactive Entertainment To Make Your Office Holiday Party More Fun


Holiday parties can be fun, awkward, and sometimes downright embarrassing, but they're usually unforgettable! Of course, hosting holiday parties every year for the office can make you run out of ideas. If you want to add pizzazz to your office holiday party, we've put together a list of interactive products you can use. Now all you need is a bit of space in a room and make sure everyone attends!


Photo Booth


A photo booth is a great way to have some fun with your colleagues, so you can laugh at the photos in the years to come. You can either use a home photo booth that takes small photos or use a professional booth for larger photos. Both types are available online and can be set up anywhere there's a power socket.


They're great fun and a dependable ice-breaker. You can also add props to enhance the fun, so you can all dress up and be your favorite character, add a caption to your photo, and print it out to take home. You can even add a filter to make it look as if you're in an old noir movie.


Arcade Machines


Video games are a great way to encourage your employees to have a bit of fun together. It can be as simple as a couple of old-school Pacman machines, or you can go crazy and have a whole bunch of arcade machines. 


Arcade machines can really encourage your employees to have fun, and they're a great way to get them talking to and interacting with one another.


Grabber Crane


Grabber cranes are very effective at getting your employees to loosen up and have a bit of fun! It's a simple game where the object is to grab a prize from the crane machine. The machine has a claw, which is moved around a pile of prizes, and people take turns to try and grab a prize out of the machine. It's a fun way to bring different colleagues together and encourage people to work together.


Try to pick prizes relevant to your business or the people attending the party. If you have teams or departments, you can get prizes related to them and their jobs. 


For example, you could have a storeroom or a boardroom set up with the grabber crane, and prizes could be things like a box of chocolates, a bottle of whiskey, or a gift voucher.


You can even have a grabber crane competition where each team competes to grab the best prize!


Ready for a Fun Office Party?


Taking an office holiday party from normal and predictable to a more interactive and memorable event can be easy with the right planning. Consider these interactive products for the office party and have your employees talking about the party long after it is over!


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