Classic Arcade Game Collecting: 5 Expectations

There is a story behind every collection. From the baseball card collection that takes you back to the smells and sounds of the ballpark to the collector still hooked on turning the pages of their comic book collection, still enthralled by the art and action. All a collection requires is a passionate person behind it - anything can be collected!

Classic arcade games are no different. From the first Atari cabinet to Pac-Man to Donkey Kong to pop culture tie-ins like The Simpsons and X-Men, there are many highly sought-after arcade games out there. That being said, collecting isn't for the faint of heart. Some things you might want to collect may be incredibly expensive, and some things you collect may also drop in value later.

Today, we want to share 5 things about classic arcade game collecting that you should expect before getting started:


1) You're Going To Spend Money For Quality, But It's Worth It

Collecting classic arcade games is an expensive endeavor. There are no $10 mystery boxes that might hold a hidden gem and even the rare garage sale find will run you market prices. Games will routinely run thousands of dollars a pop. This type of collecting will require some capital.

If you’re going to get into collecting classic arcade games, just understand that will be more for the love of the game than anything else. With the cost of picking one up, an ample profit m

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