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  1. Amazing Perks of Pool Tables in Your Game Room at Home

    Amazing Perks of Pool Tables in Your Game Room at Home

    Upgrade Your Game Room: 5 Benefits of Pool Tables at Home

    Pool tables are a great addition to any home. Not only is it a fun game to play, but it can also be a great way to improve your home's interior.

    People today are much more mindful of the interior design of their homes. To make their houses appear appealing and intriguing, they want to fill them with fashionable and designer items.

    Some people become so preoccupied with their awareness of house interiors that they are even willing to pay interior designers and planners to design and arrange their homes' interiors properly and effectively.

    The pool is one such entertaining indoor activity that has several health advantages. Playing pool provides some health advantages that are beneficial to the player's family as a whole.

    Some advantages of having a pool table in a person's house are listed below:

    Fosters Better Interpersonal Ties

    In the modern world, most people tend to become preoccupied with their electronic devices, such as their mobile phones, televisions, computers, etc., which prevents them from spending enough time with their families.

    Therefore, having a pool table in a game room setup at home reduces these gaps by bringing the family members together for pool games.

    Pool Tables Strengthen Ties Among Families and Friends

    People with children in their households need to have a pool table at home. This is so that parents and kids may improve their connection by having more opportunities to spend time together thanks to pool tables.

    According to studies, families that spend more time together tend to be more affectionate.

    Contributes To Boosting Any Property's Worth

    It has been demonstrated in several studies that homes or apartments

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  2. Explore Different Pool Table Types & Styles

    Explore Different Pool Table Types & Styles

    Discover Pool Table Styles & Types

    When most people think of a pool table, they envision a large, rectangular table with green felt covering the playing surface. However, there are actually a variety of different pool table designs and styles that are available on the market today. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most popular types of pool tables and explore the different available design styles.

    Pool Table Types

    Here are the different types of pool tables:

    1. Standard Pool Table

    A standard pool table is the most common type of pool table that you'll find on the market. Standard pool tables come in various sizes, but the most popular size is a 7-foot table. Standard pool tables are usually made from wood, with a green felt covering the playing surface.

    2. Large Pool Table

    A large pool table is a great option for those who have a lot of space in their home. Large pool tables are typically 8-foot or 9-foot tables. These tables are usually made from wood and have green felt covering the playing surface.

    3. Bar Pool Table

    Bar pool tables are similar in size to tabletop pool tables. These tables are typically rectangular in shape and measure around 6 feet in length. Bar pool tables usually have four pockets located around the perimeter of the table. Most bar pool tables are made from synthetic materials such as MDF or particle board. However, some models are made from wood.

    4. Mini Pool Table

    Mini pool tables are the smallest type of pool table and are typically used for recreational play. These tables are typically 3 or 4 feet in length and can be placed on top of a regular table or desk.

    5. Conversion Pool Table

    Conversion pool tables are designed to be used as both a pool table and a ping pong table. These

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  3. 5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Foosball Table Game

    5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Foosball Table Game

    Buying Tips for foosball tables

    5 Expert Tips in Buying a Foosball Table

    From college common rooms to corporate break areas and many places in between, Foosball tables have long been a mainstay. They're fun for anyone and add a distinctive visual flair to any space they're included in. Of course, there are tons of designs out there to choose from, and not all sizes, styles, and weights will work for everyone.

    We put together a little cheat sheet to help you find the perfect foosball table for you!


    Establish If You Want a Long-Term or Temporary Placement

    This is something you want to think about before choosing your foosball table. A full-sized table will require some intensive assembly. If this is your centerpiece, or you plan to keep it in place for a long time, then this style is for you. 

    If you want something you can keep around and bust out for events, then you may want to consider a smaller table.


    Consider Whether You'll Charge for Games

    Purchasing a coin-operated foosball table only makes sense if it will in some way enhance your business. Beyond their obvious and rightful place in an arcade, they are great ways to provide entertainment for guests to your bar or restaurant. 

    If you’re only interested in enjoying your foosball table, a free play table would be best for you.

    That way all you have to do is to focus on enjoying the game. Be sure to keep the difference in mind while you’re shopping.


    Measure The Space of Your Game Room

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  4. Reasons Why Pinball Is a Must-Have for Your New Game Room

    Reasons Why Pinball Is a Must-Have for Your New Game Room

    5 reasons pinball is a must for your new game room

    5 Key Reasons Why Pinball Rocks Your Game Room

    Your game room might celebrate the nobility of a pool table or the thrill of an air hockey table but nothing quite brings smiles to faces like a pinball machine. The lights and sounds suck us in and hook us for hours.

    Not only that but you can challenge your friends and family for the high score, but build critical fine motor skills while playing. This makes a pinball machine a must for those who entertain.

    Here are five great reasons to have a pinball machine in your game room. There are plenty of reasons to own one, but these are our favorites.

    1) A Pinball Machine Gives You Another Way to Play

    A pinball machine is a combination of old-school arcade feel and excitement as well as a modern form of entertainment that gives you a new and fun way to play. This all-time favorite can add all of this to your home.

    There are many different ways of playing pinball. Your favorite way can differ from your friends' preferences. This only helps to build the competition between you and your friends.

    Pinball offers an interactive way to challenge your friends' scores. Many machines have games within the game adding another layer to the good times.

    Having a pinball machine in your game room will bring out the competitive side, helping you and your buddies bond over a couple of beers and jeers.

    2) Pinball Machines Have a Unique Feel

    Pinball machines' compact design gives you flexibility in using the space in your game room. We don’t typically encourage putting any game in a corner, but a pinball machine makes great use of the area while leaving plenty of room to move around it.

    Along with the economy of space, and a pinball machine the game itself is addictive b

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  5. Seven Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Hockey Table

    Seven Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Hockey Table

    Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Air Hockey Table

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  6. Arcade Game Collecting: Basic Parts and Components

    Arcade Game Collecting: Basic Parts and Components

    Level Up Your Arcade Game Collection: Essential Parts and Components

    Collecting Aracde Game Basics

    We’ve come a long way since the beginning of arcade games in the early 70’s. Graphics and controls have improved leaps and bounds with some so complex they rival gaming consoles. Would you believe that despite all of that progress, at their core they are still very similar to those pioneering games of the 70’s and 80’s?

    If you're new to arcade game collecting or you want to open your own local arcade for business, here are some of the basic components of arcade cabinets:


    1. Power Supply

    It’s true that Arcade games consume a lot of power, which makes a properly working power supply just that much more important. The power supply of an arcade game (normally found on the bottom of the game cabinet) can handle a few different capacities. The power supply of a game cabinet has several circuit boards, transformers, and capacitors that help regulate and stabilize the power supply for the game including surge protection.


    2. Control Panel

    The control panel is the primary interface for player input. You might be more familiar with terms like a joystick, buttons, trackballs, spinner controls, steering wheels, or pedals. These are all examples of control panels. The control panel assembly is attached to the back of the cabinet and is hidden from the player.


    3. Monitor

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  7. Why Get Your Office a Game Room?

    Why To Get Your Office A Game Room

    An office that is all work and no play is no fun at all. It can be productive in the meantime, but eventually, people would need some time to entertain themselves and relax. Sure, employees can have 15-minute coffee breaks, but nothing beats having something to keep them alert and active. The more fun your employee feels, the happier the work environment becomes.

    If you need unique suggestions on making your office a happier place for your employees, buying a game room setup or renting arcade games are some ideas you should consider. While this suggestion might seem like a waste of money, it is an investment that could end up giving you more in return.

    Here are the top benefits that a game room can give the company:


    1 - Uplifts Your Employees’ Energy

    A whole day of thinking about problems, solutions, and strategies can indeed be draining. Why not recharge by playing a little game? Since employees tend to sit down by their desks, a game room would be a great way to keep them entertained and physically moving. Employees can enjoy many fun activities in a game room.

    Research shows that a break helps improve one’s work performance. Having a break room full of activities that can help them relax would be an excellent answer to this concern. When your employees feel energetic throughout the day, they are more likely to be productive too. Let them have an outlet to re-energize, and your company will benefit in return.

    2 - Gives Your Company a Positive Impression

    Not all companies have game rooms in their offices. Having one could be a life-changing element for your employees and all applicants wanting to work for a fantastic company. The game room is a physical representation of how

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