Poke A Prize Redemption Game

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29" W x 33" D x 78" H

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Step right up to the captivating world of Poke a Prize, where precision and timing result in thrilling victories! This fresh and electrifying game beckons players with a rotating display of tempting prizes and the giant floating finger ready to make a move. Players follow the rotating pedestal, and with a timely poke, send their prize down towards the win zone. The giant floating finger is the arcade's new star attraction, ensuring excitement from even the most seasoned players.

Here's why Poke a Prize is the all-ages arcade hit you can't miss:

  • Mesmerizing Mechanics
  • A Visual Showstopper
  • Instant Fun for All Ages
  • Great for Prizes Like Trading Cards, Keychains, Gift Cards, and Other Small to Medium Size Prizes


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Poke A Prize Redemption Game
Poke A Prize Redemption Game