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5 Essential Tips for Buying Your Own Pinball Machine

We all need a break. A week full of work, errands, cooking, cleaning, running the kids around, it takes a toll. We’ve all heard the saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Good thing we know a great way to keep the hum-drums away. Pinball!

Pinball is a great way to blow off steam for a number of reasons. It requires total focus, forcing you to set aside your daily troubles for a bit. The lights and sounds are engaging, taking you into another world and sparking your imagination. And, of course, it’s just a lot of fun to play. Not only that, but you take turns with your friends as you each try to set the high score. Granted, picking one up for yourself can seem a little tricky if it’s your first time buying a pinball machine. Here are five simple tips that will have you playing in no time without breaking the bank.

Elvira Blood Red Kiss Pinball Machine at Game Exchange of Colorado

#1 - Establish a Realistic Budget

As with any big ticket purchase, you’re going to want to set a budget and stick to it. Some machines will require more energy than others while maintenance will vary depending on if you have a digital display or not. Also, bear in mind if this is for commercial or home use. If you’re not using it as a source of income, all repairs come solely out of your pocket.

That said, as long as you set a budget and stick to it, your pinball machine will be money well spent.

#2 - Understand the Different Types of Pinball Machines

There are many types of pinball machines in the market, including solid-state, electromechanical, and digital. Solid-state machines are the most popular, and they're cost-effective. However, they're also the most expensive to maintain, especially if you want a machine with a modern LCD.

Electromechanical pinball machines are more affordable than solid-state machines, and they're also easier to maintain because they don't require an AC adapter. While the machines are cheaper, you'll probably have a hard time finding one because the production of electromechanical pinball machines was halted in the early 2000s.

Lastly, digital pinball machines are the most advanced machines, but they're also the most expensive ones as well. The use of LCDs in these machines requires more energy than the other models, meaning higher electric bills for you if you plan to game often (as you should).

#3 - Consider the Space Where You Plan to Place It

Please. Please, we beg of you. Measure the space you have available for your machine and pick a machine with the correct dimensions. We promise it will not “squeeze in there”. The last thing we would want to happen is for you to fall in love with a table just to have it delivered and see that it does not fit your space.

#4 - Consider the Features

The features of a pinball machine vary depending on the model and manufacturer. A general rule of thumb is that, the more features a pinball machine has, the more expensive it will be.

It can be easy to get lost in the bells and whistles of a pinball machine. After all, they were designed that way. Try to not get caught up in all of them when you’re making your purchase. If you can’t foresee using a feature, opt for a model without it. It’ll put a few dollars back in your pocket.

#5 - Test the Machine

While it’s true that most manufacturers offer quality, durable machines, you should still try before you buy. Make sure gameplay is as it should be as well as check for defects or problems. Playing a quick round before saying yes could save you some massive future headaches.


Pinball machines are great for entertainment, and they're also great for competitive play. However, when buying a pinball machine, you have to consider many factors that can make or break your enjoyment. All that matters is finding the best machine that will suit your needs.

Game Exchange has what you need if you’re looking for pinball machines! We offer a wide range of selections that will fit any space, and we also have other options such as pool tables, air hockey tables, and arcade games for affordable prices. Simply go to our website and take your pick!


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