JJP Next Collectors Edition - Deposit only

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JJP Next Collectors Edition - Deposit only
Many of you have asked to put down a deposit, some of you have begged.. We know others have been taking deposits and this is always a difficult decision for us to decide how to handle.  We have decided we will open to this group only a small number of deposit spots.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  I understand if you are not comfortable making a Non-Refundable deposit without pricing and info on the game (To be honest I wouldn't be) but  based on the demand we are seeing (over 80 people on our interest list) we do expect this title to sell out instantly.  
$1000 Transfer Fee will apply if deposit or game is transferred to a different person. This is done in an attempt to prevent flipping of games.
Again we do not have pricing.. 
Any Questions please feel free to call us.
Due to the Anticipated Demand Each Person may only order 1!  If we are allotted more than we expect we will look at opening this up more
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