1. What to Expect in Collecting Classic Arcade Games

    What to Expect in Collecting Classic Arcade Games

    Discover 5 Must-Know Tips in Collecting Classic Arcade Games

    Everyone has a story behind their love to collect items such as classic arcade games. Some individuals may collect watches because they love the craftsmanship and history behind the watch, while others may collect things like headphones for their love of music. There are just so many things you can collect, and all for many reasons.


    That being said, collecting isn't for the faint of heart. Some things you want to collect may be incredibly expensive, and some things you collect may also drop in value later.


    Things You Can Expect in Collecting Classic Arcade Games

    Today, we want to talk about classic arcade game collecting and share with you a few things you can expect in doing so:


    1. You're Going To Spend A Great Amount Of Money

    As you might have already heard, collecting classic arcade games is a great way to spend money. The games often cost thousands of dollars and can even be worth many times more than that. You'll invest a significant amount of money in these games, but the reward is that you'll have a lot of fun doing so and high-quality games will retain good value.


    2. They're Worth More Than You Think

    There is a growing trend in collecting classic arcade games. For many people, these games are a childhood nostalgia that can be enjoyed again. Others appreciate the challenge and excitement that these old-school games provide. Whatever the reason, collecting classic arcade games can be a fun and rewarding hobby.


    However, there are a few things you should expect when collecting classic

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  2. Costs Of Starting An Arcade Bar

    The Costs of Opening An Arcade Bar: What You Need to Know


    Starting an Arcade Bar can be a challenge due to the combination of factors to oversee and the associated costs of startup and on-going operation. This is especially true if it’s your first foray into this type of business. One of the things that give people the most trouble is the financial planning and forecasting aspect of the business. Indeed, not many people are aware of all the costs attached to opening a bar arcade. To help you out, here’s everything you need to know about the arcade related costs of opening this type of business.


    What Do You Need to Purchase For An Arcade?


    Get smart about the equipment you’ll need to purchase for your arcade. Learn about the main equipment items as well as typical costs and where you can find sources for purchasing them. Some of these will be a one time cost, and some will be a set up cost with an ongoing subscription. In this we’ll cover the basics relating to the arcade part of the bar. Here’s a brief rundown of everything that you’ll need:


    • Commercial Space Lease ($2,500-$25,000)
    • Arcade games ($20,000 - $100,000)
    • POS System ($500 - $5000)
    • Arcade tickets in bulk ($30 - $64)
    • Arcade tokens ($500 - $2,000)
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  3. 4 Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Hockey Table

    4 Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Hockey Table

    4 Factors to Consider Before Investing in an Air Hockey Table

    If you have your own entertainment or game room in your home and are wondering if your next addition should be an air hockey table, then check out these 4 things to consider before making your purchase. Doing your research before investing in an air hockey table will be a smart move so that you can be sure that your table is going to fit what you want and last the test of time.


    Air hockey is a of the classic game you can play at the arcade or at home and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It's a great escape from the mundane day-to-day and provides light physical exercise in the mix. It's a great choice for any space but before making your purchase you should consider a few of the following details.


    1. Stability of the Table Base


    Air hockey tables are not an inexpensive purchase, especially when you're looking at high-quality ones. And if you're going to spend good money on an air hockey table, you want to make sure the table is going to last.


    If the base is not sufficiently strong enough to hold the table and a combination of leaning, sliding, and other roughhousing, then it may not last. Purchasing a well made table will ensure that it lasts the test of time and trials of kids, colleagues, family members, and patrons.


    1. Durability of the Rink Walls


    Your air hockey table will come with either plastic or aluminum walls on the rink. And if you're looking for a quality table, you should definitely get the puck-proof aluminum walls. Why? Because these walls do not

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