1. Why a Lot of Bars Are Adding Games to Their Facilities

    Why a Lot of Bars Are Adding Games to Their Facilities

    Discover why bars are embracing games! Game Exchange of Colorado shares insights on the growing trend of adding games to bar facilities.

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  2. Explore Different Pool Table Types & Styles

    Explore Different Pool Table Types & Styles

    Discover Pool Table Styles & Types

    When most people think of a pool table, they envision a large, rectangular table with green felt covering the playing surface. However, there are actually a variety of different pool table designs and styles that are available on the market today. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most popular types of pool tables and explore the different available design styles.

    Pool Table Types

    Here are the different types of pool tables:

    1. Standard Pool Table

    A standard pool table is the most common type of pool table that you'll find on the market. Standard pool tables come in various sizes, but the most popular size is a 7-foot table. Standard pool tables are usually made from wood, with a green felt covering the playing surface.

    2. Large Pool Table

    A large pool table is a great option for those who have a lot of space in their home. Large pool tables are typically 8-foot or 9-foot tables. These tables are usually made from wood and have green felt covering the playing surface.

    3. Bar Pool Table

    Bar pool tables are similar in size to tabletop pool tables. These tables are typically rectangular in shape and measure around 6 feet in length. Bar pool tables usually have four pockets located around the perimeter of the table. Most bar pool tables are made from synthetic materials such as MDF or particle board. However, some models are made from wood.

    4. Mini Pool Table

    Mini pool tables are the smallest type of pool table and are typically used for recreational play. These tables are typically 3 or 4 feet in length and can be placed on top of a regular table or desk.

    5. Conversion Pool Table

    Conversion pool tables are designed to be used as both a pool table and a ping pong table. These

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  3. 5 Fun and Interesting Pool Games to Try Out Next Time

    5 Fun and Interesting Pool Games to Try Out Next Time

    5 Fun and Exciting Pool Games for Your Next Game Night

    By now, we’re all familiar with a traditional game of pool. Solids or stripes, don’t scratch on the 8 ball, all of that. But did you know that it’s not the only game you can play on a pool table? In this article, we will be discussing five different pool games that will give you fresh, new ways to enjoy your pool table. By the end, you should have a strong understanding of the pool games available to you and how to play them.

    8 Ball Pool

    This is the game you have already played a million times. But here, for the record, is the game of 8 Ball Pool. 8 Ball Pool is played with 15 balls - a cue ball and 14 object balls. Seven of the object balls are striped and seven are solid. The object of the game is to pocket all of the balls of your designated group (solid or stripes) and then pocket the 8-ball. The game can be played with anywhere from 2 to 15 balls, but the most common game is played with 8 balls.

    Take note: there are 16 numbered balls, with numbers 1 to 7 being solid in color, and numbers 9 to 15 being stripped. Ball number 8 is black, and is sometimes called the black ball. There is also a cue ball, which is typically white.

    9 Ball Pool

    9 Ball Pool is a cue sport played on a pool table with nine balls numbered 1 through 9. It is played with a cue stick and cue ball. The object of the game is to pocket the nine balls in ascending order, pocketing the 9 ball last. The player who pockets the 9 balls first wins the rack (game). 9 Ball is typically played to a certain number of racks. So for example, you and your buddy are playing 9 Ball and you’re playing to three racks. That means the first player to win three racks is the ultimate winner.

    9 Ball Pool is a popular game in both casual and competitive settings. It is a relatively simple game to learn, but difficult to master. There are a number of regiona

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  4. 4 Great Reasons to Invest in Pool Tables for Your Bar

    4 Great Reasons to Invest in Pool Tables for Your Bar

    4 Reasons to Add Pool Tables to Your Bar

    Are you running a bar? Are there a few too many open seats during happy hour? It might be time to think about installing a pool table. Sometimes pool tables in bars get a bad rap. Some bar owners worry that a table would take up too much space or get folks too rowdy. Believe us, when you make the call and install one, you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. Your pool table will immediately bring an exciting game to your bar, encouraging them to spend more time (and money) in your establishment.  

    Here are four reasons how adding a pool table to your space will have an immediate impact on your business:

    1. It's an Easy Upgrade

    If you plan it out right, a pool table can turn a dead space on your floor into a centerpiece. Once you’ve identified a space for the table with enough room surrounding it to enjoy the game, you can fill in the rest of the floor around it so that it all works together in harmony. Your table will attract patrons to it. By playing game after game, they’ll be enticed to keep coming back time and time again. 

    Once you have this attraction set properly in your space, you will quickly realize that not only does your space feel warmer and more inviting, you have more people ordering more food and drinks, all while putting more and more quarters into the tab

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