1. 5 Unforgettable Tips When Picking Out a Foosball Table

    5 Unforgettable Tips When Picking Out a Foosball Table

    Tips for Buying a Foosball Table

    There are many types of great table games that any homeowner could look to get, for their kids and younger relatives and for themselves. It can be hard to find that balance, but one that works for most ages is a foosball table. Enjoy a classic game that's plenty of fun and excitement with a variety of foosball tables.


    There are plenty of options out on the market, but it’s best to pick the ideal table for the family, friends, and yourself. Here are some tips you shouldn’t forget when picking out a foosball table for your home:


    1) Check the Dimensions


    Understanding the dimensions of the foosball table should help you know how long and wide the space should be to accommodate it. The typical dimensions of a foosball table are usually 56 inches in length, 36 in height, and 30 in width. 


    However, if that seems too tall or wide, there are certain variations of the foosball table that are more petite. The dimensions above are just recommended for those who would like to explore getting into foosball competitively in the future or for those who are quite tall. 


    2) Pick the Ideal Goalie Setup


    Foosball tables will usually feature different goalie configurations. The most common one within the US will be a three-person goalie for a more fast-paced game, and it’s also the most recommended one for first-timers. 


    One-person goalies can usually be harder to control as it requires more skill to block the other team from scoring, which leads to more points. Children and novices will have an easier time becoming famil

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  2. 7 Ideas To Maximize Your Game Room

    7 Ideas To Maximize Your Game Room

    Maximizing Your Game Room: 7 Great Ideas

    The basement can often be the last on the list when deciding on what room to remodel. Usually, it gets ignored in favor of other spaces like the kitchen or bathroom. However, with a few improvements and additions, it could create the perfect space for a game room–and a great place for your kids, friends, and family to hang out together. Check out some of these ideas for the ultimate game room in your basement!



    • Make It Unique



    The key to creating the perfect space for your game room is making it unique. You can do this by adding a custom touch that works well with the rest of the basement. For example, a custom wall for your entertainment center will give it a special feel. Or custom wall paint around your arcade games or pinball machines. If you're up for the task, a custom ceiling paint with lighting with a centered game table or pool table can also be a great option.



    • Make It Functional



    When choosing furniture for your game room, it is important that you make it functional. This is especially true when it comes to seating. Chairs should provide ample space for the players and make it easy to switch games. Have space between and around games. Have a fridge for snacks and drinks, a variety of game room furniture is available to make that easy and stylish.



    • Maximize the Space



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  3. Everything You Need to Know About Shuffleboard Tables

    Everything You Need to Know About Shuffleboard Tables

    Shuffleboard Tables 101: Your Complete Guide to the Game

    All kinds of sports have their variations. Shuffleboard is no different, it's a game where two players try to move their pieces from one end of the board to the other by sliding them across the surface on disks called pucks and getting them into specific parts of the board that are worth different points values. Its variation, which is table shuffleboard, is also commonly played just as fervently as the original sport.


    As the name suggests, shuffleboard is played with on a special table made for the game. Shuffleboard tables can be made from a variety of materials but the best are made from a combination of high-quality woods, metals, and finishes. Higher-quality tables provide better gameplay and a longer life for the table itself.


    This article will discuss everything there is to know about shuffleboard tables. Read on below to get started.


    The Ideal Table Size

    Table Shuffleboards

    Table shuffleboard tables are usually around four feet long, two feet wide, and 18 to 24 inches high.


    The dimensions are there because they are recommended by the United States Table Shuffleboard Association (USSSA), the governing body of table shuffleboard. Since each player's table should have the exact measurements, you'll want to stick to these dimensions for the sake of fairness.


    Beyond that, there are also other sizes of shuffleboard tables. These are:


    8 Foot Shuffleboard Table


    This is the smallest size possible.

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  4. Learn More about Pinball and Its Gaming Strategies

    Learn More about Pinball and Its Gaming Strategies

    Learn More about Pinball and Its Gaming Strategies

    Pinball is a fun, high paced, classic game. It’s one of those timeless games that people of all ages enjoy and many pursue as a hobby for playing and collecting. It’s common to find one or more pinball games in collectors' collections.


    This article is intended to provide you with information that will assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing pinball machines.

    The Basics of Pinball Gaming

    By default, a pinball machine comes with three balls. The balls are positioned on the machine on the side corresponding to your various turns. A ball is released when you press the start button.


    The machine will have flippers in the center controlled by buttons on each side. Your reflexes and the specifics of the device determine where the ball goes and what it does.


    Some games include extra features such as challenges, bonus points for specific shots, and so on.

    Pinball Terminologies




    A "wizard" is a term that refers to a highly skilled pinball player. This term gained popularity due to the popular rock opera Tommy's hit song "Pinball Wizard."




    Outlanes are the far ends of the track that connect to the bottom and are where the ball becomes disoriented.




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  5. Interactive Games & Products to Make Office Holiday Parties More Fun

    Interactive Entertainment To Make Your Office Holiday Party More Fun


    Holiday parties can be fun, awkward, and sometimes downright embarrassing, but they're usually unforgettable! Of course, hosting holiday parties every year for the office can make you run out of ideas. If you want to add pizzazz to your office holiday party, we've put together a list of interactive products you can use. Now all you need is a bit of space in a room and make sure everyone attends!


    Photo Booth


    A photo booth is a great way to have some fun with your colleagues, so you can laugh at the photos in the years to come. You can either use a home photo booth that takes small photos or use a professional booth for larger photos. Both types are available online and can be set up anywhere there's a power socket.


    They're great fun and a dependable ice-breaker. You can also add props to enhance the fun, so you can all dress up and be your favorite character, add a caption to your photo, and print it out to take home. You can even add a filter to make it look as if you're in an old noir movie.


    Arcade Machines


    Video games are a great way to encourage your employees to have a bit of fun together. It can be as simple as a couple of old-school Pacman machines, or you can go crazy and have a whole bunch of arcade machines. 


    Arcade machines can really encourage your employees to have fun, and they're a great way to get them talking to and interacting with one another.


    Grabber Crane


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