1. A Guide on How to Maintain a Pool Table

    A Guide on How to Maintain a Pool Table

    Keep Your Pool Table in Top Shape: Essential Tips for Maintenance

    Of course, you should be proud to have a pool table in your home. It's an awesome piece to have! But to keep the good times rolling, you’ll need to do some regular maintenance. With some simple weekly upkeep, your pool table will stay in great shape.

    Preventative Care vs. Regular Maintenance

    Preventative care ensures that your pool table remains in good condition for as long as possible. It’s doing the little things like using a dust cover when it's not in use. It also means spot-checking your table for damage and making repairs as necessary.

    On the other hand, regular upkeep and maintenance involve regular cleaning. This helps to keep it looking beautiful and ensures that it continues to play properly. Brushing and vacuuming your pool table regularly is important to remove any dirt or debris that could affect gameplay or degrade the felt. Should you spill a beverage on your table, immediately clean it before it has a chance to soak in. Inspecting your pool table for damage regularly is also essential, as this will help you catch any problems early on.

    Caring for your pool table includes more than wiping it down after each use. You should also vacuum it regularly and brush the felt to keep it free of dirt and debris. The table should be covered when not in use to protect it from dust and sunlight. You should also inspect the table regularly for any damage and repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

    Caring for the Pool Table Frame

    The frame should be covered when not used to prevent it from getting damaged by sunlight or moisture. The table should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Inspecting the frame for damage regularly is also essential, as this can help you catch any problems early on.

    Caring for the Pool Table Cloth

    The cloth should be brushed reg

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  2. 7 Benefits of Having a Pool Table in Your Office

    7 Benefits of Having a Pool Table in Your Office

    Boost Your Office Space: 7 Reasons to Add Pool Table in Your Office

    If you think of an office, a pool table is probably one of the last things you have in mind. The truth is, though, a lot of office spaces do have recreational rooms, and pool tables are actually quite common. If you don't have a pool table at your office yet, read below for why you should get one.

    1. Promotes Friendship

    Adding Pool Table in an Office Space Promotes Friendship

    Playing games together, whether cooperative or competitive, is a great way for co-workers to bond. While most employees may be fine with working with one another, having a relationship aside from work is an excellent way to further their ability to work well with one another. Having employees get along outside of work gives them a good foundation and will help them find a way to communicate and understand each other better.

    2. Relieves Stress

    When there is downtime at work and nothing else to do, employees may just stay at their desks and mull over all the other things they need to do for work. With a pool table, you give them something to do during these breaks and help them relieve their stress. By the time they have to return to work, they are fully recharged and no longer feel as burnt out as they were before.

    3. Exercises the Brain

    It may seem like a waste of time to some, but pool tables are excellent activities to keep your employees' brains active. From being focused and paying attention to detail, pooling is an excellent exercise to improve workers' skills. They have to devise creative solutions to achieve their goals by playing pool. These are skills that they can then apply to their work and use to become more productive with their results.

    4. Increases Morale

    A pool table is a great way to increase morale

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  3. Effective Ways to Include a Pool Table in Your Home

    Effective Ways to Include a Pool Table in Your Home

    Creative Ways to Incorporate a Pool Table at Home

    Bringing home a pool table is a dream come true for many homeowners. Why not create your game room for friends and family to enjoy if you have the space and enjoy playing?

    You can host future parties and spend hours meditating on your own with a home pool table. But how do you work that massive table into your interior design?

    The following are the five effective ways to include a pool table in your home:

    1. Think About Built-in Storage and Seating

    A pool table is big and cumbersome—it’s no secret that it takes up a lot of space. It will dominate the area in which it is placed. So, you need to consider built-in storage and seating around the pool table. This can be in seating on the table itself and the surrounding area.

    Moreover, you'll need to be able to walk around the table to play. You can use the space beneath the pool table for storage. It can hold tools, pool cue racks, balls, etc.

    2. Search for Double-Door Walls

    Most pool tables range from 7 feet to 9 feet. So, you need to have a space with a large enough opening to accommodate the pool table.

    Furthermore, you can choose walls with double doors that are usually found in garages. Sliding glass doors are also a great choice to allow the pool table to be seen.

    3. Add a Bar to Your Home

    Mini Bar and Pool Table in your Home

    If you don't have a home bar, you may want to consider adding one seriously. This can act as the perfect "lounge" area, especially if you have no sitting area in your recreation room. The bar will also allow you to have a mini-kitchen, which you'll need for serving snacks and drinks to your pool-playing guests.

    4. Fold-Away Furniture and Convertible Pool Tables

    If you don't hav

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  4. A Guide to Table Games Space Requirements

    A Guide to Table Games Space Requirements

    Maximizing Your Game Room Space: The Ultimate Table Game Requirements

    This is the ultimate guide about the space around pool tables and air hockey tables in your home game room. It'll go over how much space you need to allow for the games themselves and how to use the space around the table to its full potential.

    This article will also describe a few ways to make your game room feel larger without sacrificing game table space–enjoy!

    What's the Space Needed for a Ping Pong Table?

    JOOLA Ping Pong Table Tennis Table

    Depending on the manufacturer, the ping pong table will be made to fit six-to-ten people. To allow for that many people to play comfortably, the ping pong table will measure 92 inches long by 30 inches wide (6-to-10 players).

    You may want to consider the amount of space needed for the game itself to be more than the table itself. It is best to allow at least sixteen inches of space on your ping pong table (on both sides) for each person playing. This will allow some extra room around the table to move about comfortably.

    What's the Space Needed for a Pool Table?

    Cimmaron 8 ft Pool Table at Game Exchange

    The amount of space needed for a pool table will depend entirely on the style and make of the table itself, but the consensus is that you will need a minimum of 8' x 4' (72" x 36") to play pool comfortably.

    However, the reality is that you will need much more space than that. The pool table will take up half of the room itself, but the remaining space needs to be left open to allow plenty of walking space around the table.

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  5. 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Foosball Table

    5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Foosball Table

    5 Pro Tips in Finding Your Ideal Foosball Table

    Foosball tables have long been a mainstay in arcades, bars, and game rooms. They're fun for anyone and add a distinctive visual flair to any space they're included in. Of course, there are tons of designs out there to choose from, and not all sizes, styles, and weights will work for everyone.

    Foosball Tables at Game Exchange of Colorado

    If you're trying to find the perfect foosball table for your needs, then read up on these tips!

    Establish If You Want a Long-Term or Temporary Placement

    This is something you want to think about before choosing your foosball table. A full-sized table will usually require some intensive assembly, so this is the type to get if you are planning to keep your table in one spot for an extended time.

    If you want something you can bring around and just easily whip out for events and the like, then you may want a smaller table.

    Consider Whether or Not You'll Charge for Games

    If you plan on charging for games, then you're going to want to get a coin-operated table. The thing about this is that it can be a fun novelty, but it can eventually be troublesome if you want to play often and just for fun. You don't want to need to always have a pile of coins at the ready just to play.

    Make sure you check the type of table you're getting to see if it's coin-operated or just works as you go.

    Measure The Space of Your Game Room

    If you're going to be spending a lot of time on this table, you want to make sure it's going to fit wherever you choose to put it. For a game room setup, you'll want to think about how many people are going to be in it and what other features are going to be installed.

    Are you installing tables and chairs? Will there be a

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