7 things to check when buying a dartboard

What To Look Out for When Buying Dartboards At Game Stores

It is finally the weekend, and you are ready to chill out. There’s plenty you could do, but you hear your den calling. Wouldn’t it be great if you could text your friends and have them over for a couple of beers and a round of darts?  The beers would be easy enough to pick up, but how do you know what makes a great dartboard?

Here is a handy guide of seven things to think about while you shop. This way you’ll get the most out of your dartboard and your den becomes the place to be on Friday night.  


7 Dartboard buying tips


1. Consider Bladed Dartboard Wiring

The wiring organizes the dartboard into the segments you’re familiar with. It’s important to remember that this wiring has an impact on the amount of playing surface on the board. Thicker wire will rob you of points by causing bounce-outs when the point comes in contact.

It is best to seek out boards that use bladed wiring. They are just as easy to see from a distance while maximizing your playing surface. 


2. Best to Start Fresh, Avoid Used Dartboards

Bristle Dartboards are made from sisal, a fiber from agave plants that has self-healing properties. Self-healing, however, does not mean indestructible. As the years and the rounds go by, your dartboard won’t be able to heal as quickly.

Not only that, but the framing has probably flattened, robbing you of even more playing surface.

3. Consider the Removable Number Ring

Having a removable number ring will help not only in gameplay but also in longevity. As time goes on, different sections of your dartboard may see more wear than others. Being able to adjust will spread the wear across the whole board, allowing it to heal easier.

This will also enable you to correct the alignment when it comes to the sections, as the continuous impacts of the dart may knock the wire out of place. The last thing you want is confusion during a game with your friends.


4. Consider the Ink Used to Color the Dartboard

While a beautifully inked dartboard will certainly look great on your wall, this aspect is not just about aesthetics. Rich colors will help you see the dartboard sections clearly. The clearer the section will be, the easier it will be for you to hit the bulls-eye.

You will want to consider something like eco-safe food-grade inks, as they will hold their color well over time and be clearly seen from a distance. 


5. Consider How the Dartboard is Packed

This is important in helping you check if the product is damaged or not. You definitely don't want to get a dartboard that arrives with a damaged outer case at your doorstep. This may indicate that the inner dartboard is also damaged, affecting your game.


6. Consider a Wall Bracket

This is definitely the recommended route.  Choosing a dartboard that comes with a wall bracket saves you the hassle of searching for one after the fact. It is not recommended to play on a board that is leaned against a wall. You won’t have the game you had hoped for and might end up disappointed with your board.


7. Consider the Design

This is a personal choice. You should choose the design that you personally like. It should be enticing and fun to look at. This will also help you decide if the dartboard is worth its price or if you are looking out for durability rather than looks.



There are plenty of things to consider when choosing a dartboard for your home. Not all are built the same and you will want one that will last for years while playing great. That means choosing a high-quality bristle dartboard with removable wireframing and an included wall bracket.

Of course, last but not least, you’re going to want to pick up a dartboard that you will love looking at over years of gameplay.

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