Tips for buying a foosball table

Tips for Buying a Foosball Table

There are many types of great table games that any homeowner could look to get, for their kids and younger relatives and for themselves. It can be hard to find that balance, but one that works for most ages is a foosball table. Enjoy a classic game that's plenty of fun and excitement with a variety of foosball tables.


There are plenty of options out on the market, but it’s best to pick the ideal table for the family, friends, and yourself. Here are some tips you shouldn’t forget when picking out a foosball table for your home:


1) Check the Dimensions


Understanding the dimensions of the foosball table should help you know how long and wide the space should be to accommodate it. The typical dimensions of a foosball table are usually 56 inches in length, 36 in height, and 30 in width. 


However, if that seems too tall or wide, there are certain variations of the foosball table that are more petite. The dimensions above are just recommended for those who would like to explore getting into foosball competitively in the future or for those who are quite tall. 


2) Pick the Ideal Goalie Setup


Foosball tables will usually feature different goalie configurations. The most common one within the US will be a three-person goalie for a more fast-paced game, and it’s also the most recommended one for first-timers. 


One-person goalies can usually be harder to control as it requires more skill to block the other team from scoring, which leads to more points. Children and novices will have an easier time becoming familiar with foosball tables that feature three figures on the goalie rod.


3) Review the Safety Features


Getting a foosball table can be quite riveting, but it’s important to check the safety that it offers first. Especially if you’re going to leave the game to the children, it’s best to look out for features that will prevent any accidents from occurring and check for reviews that talk about issues with balls flying too frequently. For instance, it’s common for some people to have their fingers scratched and caught by the rods when forgetting to add the caps to the ends. Or if the table is of poor craftsmanship it can result in poor ball rolling and for the ball to more frequently fly off the table.


4) Check the Legs and Table Surface


The legs and table surface are the two most important aspects of the foosball table that should be made with quality. For the legs, it should offer the best thickness and leveling for proper stability. With the table surface, it’s best to have a smooth coating with laminated designs, as stickers eventually peel off and interfere with the game. 


5) Ensure the Quality of the Rods


The rods on your foosball table will experience the brunt of the whole game, being pulled, pushed, slammed, and generally moved quickly in order for you to make a goal. It’s important to ensure that the material is strong enough to withhold the strength and speed you play. Steel rods are recommended, though it’s best if they’re hollowed out when played by the kids.


6) Make Sure It's Made to Last

There are many options for materials to make your foosball table, ranging from plastics to woods, and metals. The cheaper foosball tables will be made from plastics and laminates with a particleboard base. These tables don't last long in general and quickly deform when exposed to fluids and rough handling. Whereas a high-quality table made from good woods and metals will stand the test of spills, elements, roughhousing, and time. Investing in a high quality foosball table such as the line foosball tables from Game Exchange will ensure that your table lasts.




By following these tips, you should be able to snag the best foosball table for your home. Game nights are sure to be a bit more interesting, though there’s no harm to take a break in the afternoon for a short match with your children too. 


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