how to take care of your pool table

essential tips for taking care of your pool table


Protect Your Investment: Essential Tips for Pool Table Maintenance

A pool table is a perfect centerpiece for entertaining in your home. However, in order to get the years of memories out of your table that you expect, it needs proper care and maintenance. Throughout this article, we will share some of our best tips and tricks for taking care of your pool table. These tips will help you to avoid costly repairs and keep your billiard table looking and, more importantly, playing just like it did when you first installed it for a long time to come. 


Preventative Care and Maintenance

There are two main types of maintenance to keep a pool or billiard table in good working order: preventative care and regular maintenance. Preventive care means taking measures to prevent damage to the table. 

These are little things you can do to prevent large issues down the line:

  • Cover the table when it's not in use to prevent fading or dust from settling on the cloth.
  • Don't lean against the table while playing, as this stress can damage the rails.
  • Keep the billiard table away from hot or humid environments; moisture buildup can affect the play.

Next, there's the maintenance part of the job:

Cleaning the pool table is relatively straightforward. To start, brush the table's cloth to remove dust, chalk, and other particles. After that, vacuum the table to get any dirt that may have been left loose. This should be done regularly to protect your table from damage and maintain the quality of the cloth

Besides protecting your pool table, regular cleaning also ensures it will last a long time before breaking from wear and tear. Brushing may be enough for cleaning one part of the table, but you may need to scrub other areas, like the rails and pockets. Commercial billiards tables require deeper cleaning on a regular basis and more frequently need to be refelted


NOTE: Do not use soap or detergent on your table. At most use a towel with warm water, wringing out most of the water before using on the felt.


Cleaning and Maintaining the Pool Table Frame

Some areas of the frame will require a bit of attention. There's the joint of the pool table itself, which is a particularly delicate part of a pool table when you consider how it transfers force into the rest of the table. This is why you should avoid leaning or sitting on the table as much as possible to avoid causing damage. 

If the joints are compromised, it can lead to severe problems, such as misalignment, uneven rails, and even the inability to put the table back together. If you find that the joints are damaged, you should carefully examine the table and see if you can find the cause.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Pockets

The pockets of the pool table serve two purposes: to hold the balls while the table is in use and to store them when it's not. If there are too many balls in a pocket, they can disconnect it from the table. Regularly check if any tacks or staples came loose from the pocket by brushing your fingers along the inside.


Concluding How To Take Care Of Your Pool Table

In the end, taking care of a pool table is relatively easy. With proper care and maintenance, your pool table will last for years. Billiards are an investment in the comfort of your home, and knowing how to take care of yours will help you avoid repairs and keep your pool table looking new. 

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