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Helpful Instructions to Clean the Felt of a Pool Table

You fell in love with the game of pool. The breaks, the angles, the thrill of victory. You’re hooked on it. So much so that you picked up a table for your home. But if you want to keep your pool table looking and playing like the day you bought it, it will need a little TLC. No part will need more consistent care than the felt. From cue chalk to spilled food and beverages the fabric will need to be looked after to avoid stains and unnecessary wear.

Made from durable wool and nylon blends, billiards table felt can stand up to years of use when maintained regularly. While eventually it will need to be replaced, proper care will help you avoid this costly repair for as long as possible. Here are some simple instructions for cleaning the felt on a pool table.

Materials You Need:

  • A pool felt brush
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Water
  • A gentle detergent
  • A commercial pool felt cleaner
pool table brushpool table brush

Brushing the Table Felt

First you need a table brush. We recommend a pool felt brush with nylon or horsehair bristles when making your purchase. The length of a brush can vary from nine to twelve inches.

A longer brush works best for a full-size pool table because you can complete the task quickly with easy access to the table’s center.

Your pool table felt brush will help remove chalk, dust, and lint from the felt. Start by removing any debris from the cushion creases and the area surrounding the pockets. 

Then make your way to the head of the table (the end of the table with the break line). Typically a nameplate is frequently used to mark it, so it should be easy to tell.

From the table’s head to its foot, only move the brush in one direction. This way you can efficiently cover the entire surface without missing any spots by brushing in a single direction while also putting the least amount of strain on the felt. 

To avoid undue wear and stretching, brush gently without exerting too much pressure. Do little more than let the brush’s bristles touch the felt.

Cleaning Up Spills and Stains

Accidents happen, even though serious players know that food and alcohol should be kept away from the table. To lift and remove any food solids that spill onto the table, use something with a firm edge such as a credit card. Avoid rubbing the food in, the trick is to lift it off the surface. After the solids have been removed, follow the procedure for liquid spills to avoid stains.

Any liquid spilling on the felt should be blotted away immediately using a lint-free microfiber cloth. Avoid rubbing; instead, gently press the towel against the spill. 

Do not use napkins or paper towels on the felt since they leave fibers behind.

Apply a moist microfiber cloth to the stained area to help the stain fade. To absorb the liquid, dab once more with a dry microfiber cloth. 

Allow the felt to dry naturally without any further heat. Until the table is completely dry, do not play on it.

Mix a few drops of a mild detergent or wool wash with some warm water if there are any noticeable stains. Blot the stains with a microfiber cloth after dipping it in the solution. 

To avoid oversaturating the felt, thoroughly wring the microfiber towel before applying it to the surface. After wiping the area with a damp towel dipped in clean water, let it air dry. Alternately, use a specialized pool felt cleanser while adhering to label instructions.


In order to remove the lint and chalk dust that might cause balls to roll erratically, the table felt should ideally be brushed after each game. The table should be brushed after every ten hours of play, or at least once a week if that is not done, even if it is covered when not in use. 

Immediately wipe up any food spills or stains, and wash the cloth with a damp cloth at least once a month.

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