Crucial Mistakes to Avoid after Buying a New Pool Table

Crucial Mistakes to Avoid After Buying a New Pool Table

Everyone may be eager to play pool once your new table is set up in your home, just because it is incredible to be able to play whenever you want.

The thing is, we don't want to ruin the fun and excitement, but before you start playing and pick up a cue, let us call your attention to some common blunders new pool table owners make.

After all, you don't want to deal with pool table maintenance right away.

That said, here are some common blunders to steer clear of with your new pool table.

1. Allowing Your Pets and Children to Get on the Pool Table

Having children or dogs climb onto the pool table is the first mistake you could ever make. This includes placing the kitten on top of it, letting the infant crawl around on top, allowing the dog to raise up and place its front paws on it, or leaning against it with sticky fingers or toys.

2. Placing Food or Drinks on the Pool Table

Avoid Placing Food or Drinks on the Pool Table

Allowing your guests to place beverages or food on top of the pool table is the second mistake to avoid. Although it may seem minor, and sodas or beers are usually covered up, accidents may still happen. When they do, the ball return mechanism or even the felt color may sustain damage.

That said, simply ask yourself if the risk is worth the cost of pool table repair services or not.

3. Cleaning Its Felt the Wrong Way

While several cleaning techniques for a pool table may remove a couple of dirt and stains, it is still too simple to clean up everything, well enough to harm the felt of the pool table. And you already know what that entails: the need to refelt the pool table itself.

In such a case, start by using only a brush, and avoid using circular motions. Use straight motions, and make the most of a light-suction vacuum or an upholstery tool.

Keep spilled liquids and food particles off the felt. Blot with a moistened cloth, and avoid rubbing the stain.

Use only a stain-removal product designed exclusively for pool tables when dealing with stains.

4. Utilizing Bad Pool Cues

Even the finest pool player can slip and gouge the felt when taking a shot with a subpar pool cue. Buying brand-new pool cues is preferable to finding a deal at a garage sale or flea market.

In order to check for warping, roll the cue freely a few times while gently placing it flat on the table to watch if it bounces as it rotates.

5. Using The Pool Table For Other Things

Utilizing the pool table for other purposes is another mistake to avoid. Don't be seduced by the huge surface space, even if it seems unlikely that something bad may happen to the pool table. Remember, you may have spent a fortune on it, so taking care of it all the way is your best bet at making it last for a long time.


Indeed, these mistakes could be costly in the long run; that is why you must do everything in your power to avoid doing them at all costs. Following our tips may just save you a lot of money and ensure that your new pool table will remain of top quality for a very long time.

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